#MotivationMonday: Quotes from our Favorite Fandoms

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In her most recent Captain’s Blog, the Mutineer said that being a fan of something is like falling in love. She describes this by saying,

We get to know it, we engage with it, we get excited about it…We bond with other fans on a nearly spiritual level—especially when they enjoy the same things we do.

Falling in love with someone invites them into a special place in our lives; they become a part of our family. From my own experiences at stadiums and comic conventions, “family” seems like the ideal term. It’s a term I’ve frequently heard among the SPN community, as well as many others. All by individuals describing discovered belonging. And believe me, I’ve witnessed our beautiful and messy moments.

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But whether you’re a fan of comics, sports, or film (or all three), there is a fandom family that welcomes you.

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And despite messy moments, we’ve been provided with this: a place where we can meet extraordinary people from all over the world, where we can learn from one another, where our best, creative endeavors become tangible and inspiring. It is these strengths that make our [fan] experiences fulfilling.  (Okay, so seeing your team win, or catching a glimpse of Chris Evans adds to that good vibe, but you get it).

We hope this week brings you the best fandom can offer. The strengths within you made evident. Love, among each other. A place to celebrate amazing memories in the making.

To support this, we’d like to share some of the quotes that have inspired us, brought to you by some of our favorite fandoms. Share your favorites with us in the comments below!

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