Cosplay and Culture at Anime Los Angeles 2019

We spent last weekend at Anime Los Angeles, located at the Ontario Convention Center, and let me tell you, the fashion did not disappoint. Between cosplay and the Japanese street fashion featured in the ALA fashion show, I felt like I’d entered into anime heaven, which apparently looks a lot like Harajuku fashion. If this kind of style interests you, here’s some designers that you should definitely check out.

the ala fashion show

The first down the runway was My Hamachi Designs and what really set them apart from other designers was that each model carried a dog, some fake, some real, but all equally adorable! Their unique street fashion is inspired by our canine best friends, and it makes for a fun and pleasing aesthetic.

The second designer, Girl With One Eye, sent every model down the runway rocking an eyepatch. So if you’re looking for edgy kawaii looks, look no further. The next designer, Sae Leona, offered us a story of a star falling in love with a nymph, and all of the designs were ethereal and soft as if from a fairytale. The fourth designer, Creators Guild, was my favorite because it was edgy anime-ish fashion, and I would 100% wear items from the line everyday. The designer Beyond the Boundary brought post-gender looks, and I also would like one of everything, thanks.

Two of the next designers, Ronova and Majesti Designs, offered variations on the theme of anime. Ronova’s gowns were heavily inspired by baroque and rococo fashion, while Majesti Designs moved to have every look be fit for a queen.

The final designer, who was also the headliner, came all the way from Harajuku, Japan to show their collection of bomber jackets and spring styles. ACDC Rag believes that everyone should embrace the fashion that inspires and defines them, regardless of gender, age, or other things that may normally hold us back from taking risks in fashion.

cosplay, cosplay, cosplay

One thing I love about Anime Los Angeles is that, even though the panels and exhibition floor primarily caters to anime fandoms, they make fans of all fandoms feel welcome. Seeing a Princess Ariel or Captain Marvel was not unlikely amongst the dozens of Castlevania cosplayers.

In fact, during the intermission of the fashion show, cosplayers were invited to take the stage and stomp their best Beyonce walk on the catwalk. It was possibly the most inviting cosplay environment I’ve experienced, and I’m very much looking forward to next year.

Please check out our gallery and experience ALA through our pictures! If you’re shopping around for 2020 conventions, consider adding this one to the list.


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