Season 2 of “The Dragon Prince” Teased at ALA

by The Collected Mutineer

One of the highlights of last weekend’s Anime Los Angeles 2019 was the opportunity to sit in on the panel for The Dragon Prince. Having binged the new show just a few months ago, I was excited to hear whatever it was the creators were going to talk about—but honestly, I wasn’t expecting that much, since season 1 barely premiered in September of 2018. Needless to say, I was not prepared for what they had in store for the audience.

Season 2 release date

In case you missed our frantic tweets, season 2 of The Dragon Prince will be released on February 15, 2019. That’s right, we only have to wait one month for brand new episodes. Haven’t watched season 1 yet? That’s okay, you have time to catch up before the new installments hit Netflix. The episodes are short (typically less than 30 minutes) so it’s easy to binge.

Sneak Peeks

via Imgur

Not only did the ALA audience get to see the trailer for season 2 (which should be released to the public any day now), we were also shown episode 5 of the new season. The full episode. Cause these guys are amazing. No spoilers here, but I think it’s safe to tell you that the dialogue is funny and charming, the diversity is alive and well, and we get to meet a new character who made me stand up and cheer for Girl Power.

Creative and inclusive change

While it’s fantastic to get exclusive access to unseen footage, the best part of the panel was the overall emotion, energy, and call for change in the industry. Fans of the show value its diverse cast—obviously the writers and producers feel the same way, and that was palpable from beginning to end. The panel spoke at length about what it’s like to write a new story world where equality and inclusion are possible, normal, and accepted. They also explained the process behind animating a deaf character who communicates through American Sign Language (something that to my knowledge has not been included in other animated series). As a result of the conversation, the mood that reverberated through the room was unlike any I’ve experienced at other con events. There’s no doubt about it: The Dragon Prince is changing what it means to be inclusive in a fantasy setting, and I’m here for that.

Season 2 will premiere on Netflix on February 15, 2019.

P.S. Many of you may have heard about the ALA fires. We at the Collective are friends with the cosplayer who was targeted, and are helping spread the word about her current dilemma. Thanks to the violent actions of her stalker, she is now without transportation. She’s set up a GoFundMe to aid in the purchase of a new car. If you are able, please consider a small donation. If not, please repost the link anywhere you can. Thank you.