Fanfic Wednesday: “Oxford” & “Spark and Flame”

Oxford” & “Spark and Flame” by rippergiles

Pairing: Rupert Giles/Ethan Rayne
Word Count: 10,702 combined count
Warnings: Mature, pre-cannon

Ethan & Giles

Author’s Summary:

Rupert Giles, history student, comes across a stranger in need.

Domesticity, Rupert is still in school, but starting to have conflict with the Watchers Council. Ethan has begun to experiment with magic and more.

My Thoughts:

Getting sick on New Year’s Eve had me starting a re-watch of Buffy the Vampire Slayer because when you are sick, all you want is the comfort of your favorite things. Of course, this had me wanting to find more precious Githan fanfic. There are so few fics. I’m begging BtVS fans, please find it in your hearts to create more. I plan on adding my own soon, I promise.

Giles Be Seeing You

I really need to find/create more gifs too. *sigh* So much fandom to love on, so little time.

“Oxford” & “Spark and Flame” are the first parts in an ongoing series which focuses on the ever-changing relationship between Githan. From lovers to enemies, to lovers who hate one another. Each work takes on one milestone at a time with each chapter acting as a short vignette.

“Oxford” starts with Giles and Ethan meeting in a very typical Buffy-verse way, slaying a vampire. The two men begin to flirt, shocking Giles with feelings he never thought he could possess. “Spark and Flame” continue the men’s relationship as they move in together. But one night, someone unwelcome comes calling. The result of the unexpected visit sets Githan down a dangerous path. And an okay explanation for Rupert’s famous nickname.

Happy Reading
-The Nerdling