Falling Down the YouTube Hole

By The Nerdling

This is what happens when I don’t have school to occupy my brain and writer’s block takes hold (because writer’s block only becomes a problem when I have time to write because my brain is evil). YouTube is filled with so much content to distract and entertain. You click on one video, then the next, and bam! You have now wasted the last 5 hours watching videos on movie theories, parodies, makeup and nail tutorials you will never try (but buy all the stuff anyway), top ten lists, music videos, etc.

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Now, I don’t recommend falling down the YouTube hole… But if you were to, here are my favorite channels to pass the time with (P.S. These channels are fairly popular, you have probably heard of them, they are just some of my favs):

The Film Theorists

Matpat and his team do a deep dive explorations of various fan theories in film and TV. The channel has explored how to survive in the Hunger Games, why Thanos was right, how Harry Potter was more Voldemort than Voldemort, and my personal favorite, how Christian Grey is actually using Thought Reform to brainwash Anastasia into loving him:


How It Should Have Ended

These animated shorts hilariously pick thru the obvious plot holes to show how the movie really should have ended. No major movie in recent times has been left unscathed. And sometimes the ending they have come up with is actually better than the movie’s actual ending.

Recently, HISHE has started to do movie reviews. There are a few other series such as music video parodies, HISHE dubs, and the Superhero Café with Superman and Batman. This started out as a funny bit to have at the end of all the superhero movies. The heroes sit down with Superman and Batman to explain why the new ending is better. Superhero Café led to a spinoff, The Villain Pub where the various thwarted baddies go to drown their sorrows and bond over their hatred of heroes.


Simply Nailogical

I am a Holosexual and obsessed with this channel! While the majority of Cristine’s videos are about nail art tutorials (and her obsession with holographic nail polish), the Canadian sprinkles in some silliness with her attempting to do her nails on a Disney ride or during a power outage. Cristine also debunks all those “nail hacks” you see on the internet. So, before you go sticking your freshly painted nails in an ice water bath, check with Cristine first. She also loves to try out the very strange hacks on the Troom Troom channel. It is both hysterical and brain melting.


Matt and Dan

I have already written about this comedy channel here before. After a vigorous campaign, the two openly gay comedy writers have raised enough money to produce a season two! I’m so excited! Check out all of season one and gear up for the next season hopefully premiering later this year.


Mr. Sunday Movies

James, a.k.a. Mr. Sunday Movies, and his buddy Nick Mason breakdown trailers, Easter Eggs, and movie theories for all of the major nerd movies with their sarcastic, Australian humor. Being a full-time internet nerd, it is easy to get bogged down in people who take nerd culture way too seriously. It is easy to forget that this is all for entertainment and we are supposed to enjoy it. Mr. Sunday Movies helps to bring back the fun in nerd culture for me by being incredibly ridiculous. James and Nick also have a podcast, The Weekly Planet, worth checking out as well.


There are more channels in which I love to spend way too much time on, but these five are my usual go-to ones. What channels do you love to fall down the YouTube hole on? Let me know in the comments section below.

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