Motivation Monday: The 2019 Golden Globes Show Us Progress

It’s easy to think that the world is going backwards nowadays, that nothing makes sense and the so-called civilized peoples of the world are really anything but. Although it may not always be apparent, we are making strides forward to creating a world of equality and acceptance, and last night’s Golden Globes gave us a demonstration of that. 

Sandra oh makes history

Sandra Oh made entertainment history by becoming the first person of Asian descent to host The Golden Globes, and also the first Asian woman to win multiple Golden Globe awards. I’ve been a longtime fan of Oh’s since I first saw her in Sideways almost fifteen years ago. I can’t tell you how happy I am that she’s changing the world, because she absolutely deserves it. Oh, and if you haven’t seen Killing Eve yet, you absolutely should. 

Mahershala ali, rami malek, alfonso cuaron, regina king and other 2019 winners represent a diverse hollywood

It’s about time, quite frankly. It was beautiful to see people of all races, backgrounds, sexualities, and ages up on the stage, being celebrated for their hard work. Mahershala Ali won for his work in Green Book, a story that portrays an unlikely friendship in a racially divided country. Rami Malek, the son of Egyptian immigrants, won for his portrayal of the late iconic singer Freddie Mercury, The acclaimed Mexican director Alfonso Cuaron took home an award for his visionary work Roma. Regina King, who won Best Supporting Actress for If Beale Street Could Talk, has vowed to help change the world by promoting gender equality, promising to hire 50% women in all the projects that she produces.

“Time’s up times two,” she said. 

carol burnett honored

In perhaps the most moving moment of the night, the incredibly prolific entertainer was recognized with her contribution to television over the past six decades. Not only was she honored, but HFPA has created a Carol Burnett award that will honor acclaimed television creators for the decades to come. 

Carol Burnett changed television forever, and I was incredibly moved to see her honored so. Her speech was beautiful, and undoubtedly she helped shape television (and comedy) to what it is today

If awards season isn’t your thing, just take to heart this simple message: if we work hard enough at it, we can live in a world any person can be celebrated for the things they create. Keep the faith, because we can shape the world to what we want it to be. 

Lastly, because I can, here is a clip of Burnett’s hilarious spoof of Gone With The Wind.  May you laugh your way through your Monday with the help of Carol.