#MondayMotivation: More endorphins, please!

Via pelfusion.com


I stumbled upon this tweet after reading the latest Captain’s Blog post on Seasonal Affective Disorder. Initially, it captured my attention by its bizarre appearance. But a thought sparked containing my sister’s words. She once told me how the path to happiness can sometimes feel like an arduous journey. It is because of this journey that happiness becomes all the more valuable. We are deserving of this fulfilling moment—to feel happy—because of all those lonely and fearful paths we’ve persevered to arrive at this moment. 

As The Collectress mentioned in her Captain’s Blog, we may need extra help to overcome the obstacles standing in the way of feeling happy. That’s OK. Help is available. It takes courage to smile at a stranger. It can require even greater courage to give ourselves that same smile. The kind that builds and says, “Thank you for existing.” As you navigate the rest of your week (and the holidays), take a moment to send yourself some love, especially if you’re at a point where such things feel beyond hope or grasp. Be the warrior that you are. #AKF 

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