Need a New Christmas Music Playlist?


By The Nerdling

I’m not here to bitch about Christmas music playing and decorations going up before Thanksgiving. That normally annoys the hell out of me. This year I have decided to not care. It has been a depressing year. So, those who need a little holiday cheer, have at it.

But you have to be sick of the same tired Holiday songs, right? There are plenty of new and interesting Christmas songs released every year. Or awesome updates to the favorites. So, why does every mall, radio station, and office party play the same versions of “Carol of the Bells”, “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer”, “Jingle Bell Rock”, and that one Mariah Carey song over and over and over and over until my ears bleed?

Make it stop

Well, I have a couple of solutions to help bring ya’ll some great holiday music that will make even the most Bah-Humbug-ers tapping their toes and bobbing their heads in appreciation. And the bonus part? Both are SFW if you are in need of something to replace the typical work holiday play list.

My first recommendation is a man by the name of Robert Wilonsky. I don’t expect many of you lovely readers to be familiar with him. But if you are, then chances are you are like me and are a big fan of The Ticket. You probably also know exactly what I’m about to suggest. 96.7 FM, The Ticket, is a sports radio station in Dallas where Wilonsky co-hosts weekly show during football season. In addition to that, he also hosts a Holiday Music Spectacular every Christmas Eve. There he plays a myriad of unique Christmas songs as well as some badass covers of old standbys.

If you go follow this link to The Un-Ticket’s site (they post clips of popular segments from The Ticket) you can find previous airings of his holiday specials in their entirety (including commercials, sorry). My hubby and I have made it a tradition to tune in on Christmas Eve and open our Christmas gifts to one another. Since it is on a public radio station, no worries about any NSFW behavior to get you in trouble with the bosses.


My second suggestion was inspired by Mr. Wilonsky. I have been helping a friend out over the holidays at her salon since several members of her staff are taking their vacations. Despite not wanting to hear the same old songs again and again, we have to play the typical holiday stations since clients request it. At the beginning of December, I went to her with a proposition. Let me put together a holiday music playlist using Spotify. When she gave me the okay, the first place I went was to past Wilonsky specials.  Find my Spotify playlist linked below. If that doesn’t work for some reason, search for “This Christmas, Something New”.

There are a few songs Wilonsky has featured I couldn’t put on the playlist (they are either not on Spotify or not work appropriate), but there are still quite a few songs from past shows. Plus, some others I found that sounded interesting. And a few Haunukka songs because there needed to be some on there. There are still plenty of the standard songs on this playlist. I promised there would still be for those clients who are sticklers for the old stuff.

Enjoy the music and you can catch this years Holiday Music Spectacular hosted by Robert Wilonsky. Download the SportsDay app on your phone or tablet or go to and click the “Listen Live” button on December 24th at 9PM C.S.T.

The Nerdling was born in the majestic land known as Texas and currently resides there after several years of journeying through Middle Earth in a failed attempt to steal the one Ring from that annoying hobbit, serving the Galactic Empire for a time, and then a short stint as a crew member on the Serenity. Since moving back to her homeland, Nerdling flirted with a hero reputation. Saving children from the dangers of adoring domineering, sparkly vampires (champions with souls are the only vampires worth loving) and teaching normals the value of nerdom, all while rooting for her beloved Dallas Stars. Then came the Sokovia Accords and her short spell of saving others came to an end. With Darth Vader’s reputation rightfully returning to badass status, Nerdling is making her way back to the Empire. They do have cookies, you know. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram