Fanfic Wednesday: “I Seem To Be A Verb”


I Seem To Be A Verb” by Aja

Pairing: Arthur/Eames (Inception)
Word Count: 93,873
Warnings: Definitely NSFW

Author’s Summary:

Notting Hill AU, written for the i_k prompt, “I’m just a girl standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.” Arthur owns a quirky hipster science bookstore. Eames is a world-famous mega-celebrity.

Clearly this calls for a meet-cute.

My Thoughts:

So, I’m not gonna pretend that I’ve been in the Inception fandom or that I’ve even seen the film…more than once. BUT, I am a devoutee of Tom Hardy, and the other day was kind of rough and I was in desperate need of a Tom Hardy party but had no films to stream so…here I am. Officially new Arthur/Eames trash, and unrepentant about it.

Anyway, this fic kept me up until 3 am yesterday (today?) and it’s everything I ever wanted in a romcom AU. Super hot Eames as a suave yet super-nerdy celebrity? Check. Super nerdy Arthur as a reclusive bookstore owner? Check. Obligatory meet-cute and flirting over a nerdy science book? CHECK. CHECK. CHECK.

There’s romance, there’s a bit of angst, and there’s a lot of Eames calling Arthur “darling.” It’s the super-gay Notting Hill AU that you never knew you needed.

I kind of want to go read it all over again already.

-The Collectress