Like “Marseille”? Then You NEED To Watch These 5 Fave French Crime Dramas!

by Katie Tejada (McDaniel)
Image via StockSnap/Pixabay

While crimes series have always been a popular genre to follow, French crime dramas in particular are becoming increasingly more sought after. Especially now that more and more shows are being produced, now is a great time to fall into the dramatic world of French crime and horror.

Here are a few of this season’s hottest French crime dramas to check out:

La Mante

La Mante is a riveting drama filled with crime and suspense at every corner. The series takes place in Paris and follows the police search for a serial killer who is inspired by a woman called Mantis. The Mantis, as she was popularly known, famously killed people throughout the country decades ago, before being captured by police and locked in solitary confinement. The copycat killer continues to terrorize the city of Paris, leaving the police with no choice but to work with The Mantis to help stop the serial killer at large. This is a great series for anyone who loves thrillers, action, and police chases.

The Break

The Break is set in Belgium and follows the life of a police detective named Yoann Peeters. Peeters moves back to his small hometown in Belgium to start a new life with his daughter. But one day shortly after their arrival, the body of a young man is pulled from the river. The case sends shock waves through the entire community. Multiple reports are calling it a suicide, but there are several clues that show it may have been a murder. The Break follows detective Peeters as he attempts to solve the case and find justice.

En Immersion

This series is set in Paris and follows the life of Michel Serrero. Serrero is an investigator who is struggling with a severe illness that could potentially take his life. While Serrero’s health deteriorates, he must also try to figure out the cause of the spread of a new designer drug that’s taking Paris by storm.

The Frozen Dead

Set in the small French town of Saint-Martin-de-Comminges, The Frozen Dead follows police commander Martin Servaz and captain Irène Ziegler. The pair are tasked with investigating a harrowing case that is filled with untold secrets, revenge, and death. And the more they discover, the more harrowing the case becomes. Servaz and Ziegler are trapped in the maze of a psychotic serial killer and must fight to solve this chilling and gruesome case.

The Chalet

The Chalet is centered around dark secrets from the past. Set in the city of Valmoline in the French Alps, Manu Laverne plans to reunite with his childhood friends for his wedding in the chalet. Upon reaching the chalet, the only bridge connecting them to the rest of the world is destroyed by falling rocks. The group soon realizes that they are stranded with no cell phone or internet connection. They are completely isolated in the small village of Valmoline and soon discover a chilling history.

Image via Ian Espinosa/Unsplash

The short days of winter are the perfect time to catch up on old favorites or start to binge a new series. From police procedurals, to captivating thrillers, to horror stories filled with revenge and vengeance, there are a wide variety of French series to see. Whatever the season, these shows are some of the hottest French crime dramas to watch now.

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