Fanfic Wednesday: “Ruff Times”

Ruff Times” by othellia

Pairings: Spike/Buffy Summers
Word Count: 25,386
Warnings: Fluff and Angst

Buffy and Spike

Author’s Summary

Set in an AU summer after S5 where Buffy manages to beat Glory without sacrificing herself.

The divine threat is gone, but daily struggles never stop. With both slaying and a new job, Buffy doesn’t have the energy to figure out Spike’s new role in her life… until a spell ripples through Sunnydale, turning the local demon population into dogs.


The world is so dark and down lately, I wanted a funny floofy fanfic. In comes Othellia with a delightfully amusing fic where all the supernatural beings are turned into adorable little puppers! There is not a whole lot I can say about this fic other than it makes me want to add a horde of dogs to add to the chaos of my cat filled life.


This is the fanfic we didn’t ask for, but it is certainly the one we need.

Happy Reading,

The Nerdling