Fanfic Wednesday: “Rewind”


Rewind” by  (A03)

Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson

Word Count: 87,593

Warnings: NSFW

Author’s Summary:

About a month before John’s wedding, he and Sherlock embark on one last case together: a murder at a remote hotel in the middle of nowhere. A lot can happen in a week. And a lot doesn’t. But what if …?

My Thoughts:

Every now and then, I stumble across a story that sticks with me long after I’ve read it. “Rewind” is just that kind of fic. What sets this one apart? Well, it’s kind of a fic within a fic. Set in the days before John’s wedding to Mary, Sherlock keeps imagining scenarios in which he speaks his most secret thoughts, leading John to realize the love they have for each other. Each chapter contains a portion that is rewound and rewritten the way Sherlock wishes or imagines it would have happened—basically, what we do each time we read and write a shippy fanfic. Need a new Johnlock story in your life? Try this one out and enjoy each rewind!

-The Collected Mutineer