Fanfic Wednesday: “Johnlocktober”

“Johnlocktober” by  (AO3)

Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Word Count: 169,945

Author’s Summary:

31 days of autumnal Johnlock with prompts from all of you! There will be a bit of everything, but you can check the tags for more specifics.

For a summary of every chapter, as well as individual tags, click here.

My Thoughts:

Yesterday I was on the lookout for some autumny and/or Halloween type Johnlock fics (I go through this cycle about twice a year) when I stumbled across this collection by prettysailorsoldier from 2014. I thought that I had read all their works, so imagine my surprise when I realized this collection contained not just a handful, but 31 different Johnlock stories based on *drumroll* autumny and/or Halloween prompts. Each chapter is a new fic, based on everything from Halloween costumes to watching scary movies together. I’m about halfway through the chapters and enjoying it immensely! Join me in watching these two nerds fall in love over and over again during the best time of the year.

-The Collected Mutineer