The Purge Recap – “Lovely Dark and Deep”

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Image Courtesy of USA Network
By The Nerdling

David tells Jane she is “making this weird.” Miguel and Penelope debate how to honor their parents. Rick and Jenna have an unexpected house guest.

Spoilers will commence in 3… 2… 1…

Watching Jane struggle through David’s fondling of her left me wanting to throw up. Anya’s attempts to give her advice in how to get thru left me even more nauseated. Her words echo Jane’s mother. “Just play the game.”

Flashing back to her teenage years, Jane is told by her teacher she just missed out on a chance at a robotics lab. The unspoken reason? The person awarded the time was white and male. The teacher does assure Jane and her mother she will get into an amazing college and will probably earn scholarship money. The mom doesn’t want to leave it purely to academic chances. She encourages Jane to enter pageants for the scholarships. Jane plays the game and finally gets her chance in the financial world. She ditches her mother’s advice to show off her looks.

The Purge Lovely Dark and Deep Jane and David
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Cut to David calling dibs on Jane. Her words to him as he begins to touch her, “you know I am never going to recover from this,” was chilling. In the end, David doesn’t get a chance to let those words sink into what little bit of a soul he has left. Joe arrives and frees Jane. She grabs one of the dead bodyguard’s guns and puts a bullet through her boss’s head.

It comes off as a fist-pumping moment, but you have to wonder if Jane’s words still ring true. Will she recover from being assaulted and murdering a man in cold blood? Judging by her far-off, haunted look in her eyes, she is not going to be okay tomorrow or ever.

After leaving with Joe, the Matron Saints arrive. Jane had Anya call them while she was still tied up. I wonder if we will see how that scenario plays out or if it will be left to our imagination.

Miguel and Penelope escape the Carnival of Flesh without too much trouble and run into the woods. Out there they witness purgers setting a man on fire and sending him down a zip line. They almost are trapped by the same group, but manage to escape just in time.

The Purge Lovely Dark and Deep Penelope and Miguel
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While out, they debate Penelope’s decision to join Tavis’s cult and the lengths Miguel went to save her. Both sides had valid points. Miguel only has his sister left. He is willing to do what it takes to keep his promise to his father to always take care of her. But Miguel’s actions took away Penelope’s choice in how she wanted to live her life. Or die in her own way I guess would be the better choice of words here.

The two reach a tenuous agreement to survive for now and make their way to what I’m assuming is Pete the Cop’s bar. Their banter about whether or not Miguel promised pancakes was a perfect brother/sister moment their relationship had been lacking due to the rescuing and death.

Rick and Jenna finally become a bit more interesting this week. With Lila banging at the door and a stalker coming up behind her, the married couple debate letting her in. Jenna obviously wants to save Lila, but Rick is not willing to risk their lives for her. In the end, Jenna gets her way and Lila makes it inside the house. Their neighbor, Ross, sneaks inside as well.

Lila explains how she managed to get out of the massacre alive, Jenna believes the story despite the obvious holes. Rick doesn’t push the issue in front of Lila, but the second he is alone with his wife he brings it up. Jenna argues Lila just lived thru something traumatic and there are going to be holes in her story, but Rick isn’t buying.

The Purge Lovely Dark and Deep Jenna Rick and Lila
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The argument is put on hold when Ross forces his way into their bedroom with a gun. “You can’t make your neighbors move, but you can purge,” he declares. Ross’s grievances range from parking in front of his house to not inviting him and his wife over. Rick and Jenna try to fast talk their way out of the situation, but Rick has convinced himself that they have to die. Lila saves them both when she stabs Ross in the back of the neck.

Cleaning up, Jenna declares they are selling the house. Their daughter’s nursery can’t be where they killed their neighbor. Lila confesses the real reason she escaped was because her father sacrificed himself to save her. Rick, Jenna, and Lila sit on the couch and wait out Purge Night together. Lila takes a sleeping Jenna’s hand much to the chagrin of Rick. She is still very much a loose cannon and in love with his wife.

The last few hours of the Purge have started and there are only three episodes left. What crazy twists and turns will happen before the clock strikes 7am?

Till Next Week

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