Fanfic Wednesday: “A Choice of Several Deaths”


A Choice of Several Deaths” by merrily

Parings: Rupert Giles/Ethan Rayne
Word Count: 1,852
Warnings: Pre-Cannon, Angst


“It wasn’t a walk down the garden path.” Ethan wants Rupert to keep moving from his old life.


Ethan & Giles

The obsession with Gthan continues. This time out it is a one-shot after Giles drops out of school, but before the Eyghon demon cult.

What I love about this fic is this is the beginning of the two men’s relationship going past friendship, but it is also the beginning of the end. The author sprinkles in moments with Ethan which, if the story had continued, would have led to their inevitable end. The resentment he felt towards Giles’s privileged upbringing. Ethan’s wildness and impulsivity. It is so well done, I wish there was more.

Happy Reading!

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