Small(ish) Movies Hitting Theaters This Fall Worth Finding

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By The Nerdling

The Fall season is starting to give Summer a run for its money. An abundance of big-name movies is premiering in the next few months I know many of us at The Collect are pumped for. Aquaman, Mary Poppins, First Man, Fantastic Beasts 2, and more are ready to drop with the leaves. But there are plenty of smallish, more interesting movies which get lost in the shuffle.

A few of these films you will see us ladies at The Collective talk about again come Oscar season. All five are worth getting excited about. Some of you may have to track down an art house theater in your area to see them. I’m willing to bet they will be worth it.

If Beale Street Could Talk

Directed by Barry Jenkins who helmed the Oscar winning Moonlight and is based on the James Baldwin novel of the same name.  In 70’s Harlem, Trish finds out she is pregnant. She must fight to clear her fiancé’s name before their child enters the world. This film stunned at the Toronto Film Festival and will certainly be at the top of the Oscar buzz list.


A semi-autobiographical film from Alfonso Cuarón shot in stunning black and white as only a beautifully visual director like Cuarón can do. Roma follows a middle-class Mexican family and their maid through their lives in Mexico City during the 70’s. This one might be a slight cheat since it will be on Netflix right after it hits theaters. It is still a film worth seeing and supporting.

Boy Erased

Based on Gerrard Conley’s memoir, the son of a Baptist pastor is outed as gay to his parents. He is pressured into gay conversion therapy. This movie is probably going to be one of those you watch once and it haunts you forever. Just sitting through the trailer was emotionally jarring.


Two women find friendship and love while dealing with family and political pressures. This Kenyan film was banned from its home country until recently. The government sited the film “promotes lesbianism” in a country which homosexuality is banned. Director Wanuri Kahiu challenged her film’s ban in court and won. The movie went on to screen in packed theaters. I’m thinking this one might be a much more difficult film to find in theaters. But the critical praise and supporting a black, female filmmaker will make the search worth your time.

Beautiful Boy

Timothée Chalamet returns once again to break all of our hearts. This time not over the loss of a first love. The film, also starring Steve Carell, chronicles the story of a father and son’s relationship ups and downs as the son struggles with addiction and sobriety. Bring all of the tissues.


Go ahead and see the big movies dropping this fall, but give some of the smaller films a chance too. There are plenty other great smallish films to support so don’t let the big movies be all that tempts you into the theaters.

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