The Purge Recap – “Release The Beast”

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The Purge Collective Image
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By The Nerdling

Four hours in and Purge Night regret starts to sink in for some.  Purge Night profits kick in for others.

Spoilers commence in 3…2…1…

The best feature of The Purge TV show is it has the time to breakdown character’s decisions outside of the chaotic moments the films thrive on.  And right now, all of our characters are seriously questioning their choices.

In the aftermath of killing Mark, Alison starts to remember that it is a real human being she just took the life of.  “They said that it would get rid of my anger,” Alison says, doubled over and pale.  “But I don’t feel better.  I feel worse.”  She questions if her parents will find out, if their co-workers will know it was her, or if Mark had a family.  “Everyone has a family” Jane wails at her.  But Alison has seen Jane’s computer, her boss doesn’t exactly have the moral high ground here.  Alison rebounds and starts to rationalize what she has done, but Jane can’t go through with her decision to have Ryker killed.  Too bad the assassin isn’t answering her phone.

The Purge Release the Beast Jane
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Jane ventures out into the wild after leaving a message to her mother that she forgives her (I’m hoping we find out that story in a flashback soon).  She is accosted by a man looking to sedate and rape her, but is rescued by a group of armed women known as the Matron Saints.  These women ride around in a RV saving women during Purge Night.  According to the Saints, women are three times more likely to be murdered on Purge Night and instances of rape surge.  364 days a year crime is virtually nonexistence and too many women are not prepared for the myriad of crimes which befall them on Purge Night.  The Matron Saints agree to drop Jane of at Ryker’s house, but they have to make a stop and rescue a woman who called them along the way.

I feel like the 3-to-1 odds of women being murdered is a Hollywood stat.  While I do believe rapes would skyrocket during Purge Night (it’s not like many men are prosecuted for that crime when it is illegal), I not so sure women would be the primary murder targets.  Crime stats show men are three times more likely to be murdered than women.  If the Purge were real, it stands to reason the normal ratios would remain the same.

At the NFFA party, Jenna is expressing her doubts about using Stanton’s money to build her and Rick’s business.  She wants so much to help the poor, but she feels like she is losing herself and her husband in the process.  Lila convinces Jenna using NFFA money means her father will have less to spend on his own toys.  As Jenna resolves to use Stanton’s money to fund her dream, Lila revisits their prior love affair.  Years before, Jenna and Rick brought Lila in to spice up their dying marriage.  But the threesome ended when Rick came home to Jenna and Lila in bed together.  The married couple resolved to get past Jenna’s cheating, but Lila had to go.

The Purge Release the Beast Rick and Jenna
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Now she is back in their lives and riling Rick up, reminding him of how much they needed her.  Stanton arrives to see what the commotion is about and Lila diffuses the situation knowing if she were to throw Rick underneath the bus, Jenna would be beneath it with him.

Stanton calls everyone into a larger hall for the start of some festivities.  Rick goes with him (the chances of him joining the NFFA to piss off his wife look more and more likely before the end of the series) and Lila goes up stairs to get away.  Jenna goes to follow her husband when Catalina warns Jenna she needs to leave the house now.

The Carnival of Flesh might be the most insane thing to come from the series so far.  I wonder if The Carnival of Flesh has a major sponsor.  Someone like Red Bull or Monster would 100% be a patron.  Nothing says extreme like a Purge Night carnival.

The Purge Release the Beast Carnival of Flesh
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The annual festival allows goers to bid on victims, with prices going from $40 for an old man to $2000 for a young woman like Penelope.  Once the bidder wins a victim, they can reenact purge activities employed throughout history.  Tents are set up for burning at the stake ala Salem Witch Trails, firing squads, or a good ol’ clubbing over the head, caveman style.  Penelope is bought by Henry, the man who signed her out of rehab and Miguel was looking for at the start of the evening.  Penny, as he calls her, does not look happy to see him.

Miguel is hooked up with Rex the Cowboy (couldn’t eyeroll hard enough when I heard that name) thru Pete the Cop.  Rex knows all about the Carnival of Flesh and agrees to get Miguel inside.  The two men bond in the ride along the way.  Rex used to work at a Verizon call center, living paycheck to paycheck, when one Purge Night he made his fortune.  Now he owns a ranch and lives his cowboy dream.  Miguel shares his vision of owning a motorcycle shop and entertains the idea of going in with Rex to fund his dream.  Until he realizes Rex earned his money by rounding up people and selling them to the Carnival.

The Purge Release the Beast Joe the Masked Man
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The masked man makes a quick appearance at the end again.  According to IMDb, his name is Joe.  Joe arrives at a convenient store to find the couple who run it have been murdered.  He breaks down over the loss of life and we get a look at his face.  I’m wondering if these people hired him to keep them safe.  If that is so, I wonder why he took their deaths so personally?  Are we going to get a Joe flashback?

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