10 Shows To Watch (Or Rewatch) This Fall

It’s the time of year to spin up your DVRs and put on your binge-watching sweatpants, because new series are dropping on streaming services, and our favorites are returning to our screen very soon. Here’s a few that we are most excited to see!

The Good Doctor, season 2 (September 24)

Season one was extremely bingeable, and we’ve been waiting on tenterhooks for what happens next to Shaun and the rest of the team. With the news that Beau Garret (Jessica) will not be returning to the show, that also opens up new possibilities for what happens to Shaun (and also Melendez…but that’s for another day).

The Good Place, season 3 (September 27)

Do I get extra points toward the Good Place if I’ve not read any spoilers for season 3????

Will & Grace, season 2 (err 10?) (October 4)

My heart is so ready for this. And so is my funny bone. (Also: Hi Alec Baldwin, I’ve missed you).

I Feel Bad, series premiere (October 4) (NBC)

This show promises a comedic look at what it’s like to be a middle-class mom in the 21st century, and as it bring Amy Poehler as producer, I know it’s a guaranteed laugh.

Dancing Queen, series premier (October 5) Netflix

Alyssa Edwards is a goddess, and I’ve loved her since she first sashayed into the workroom in RuPaul’s Drag Race. This docuseries will follow Alyssa through her day-job as the owner of a dance studio (and yes also her fabulous nights as a queen). It also promises some familiar faces from the Haus of Edwards (Shangela!). A must-watch for RPDR fans.

Elite, series premiere (October 5) Netflix

This Spanish-language series is set in a high school and promises the three key ingredients to make any high school drama a success: sex, drugs, and murder.

Doctor Who, series (October 6)

If you haven’t noticed, we’re excited about the new Doctor.

Supernatural (October 11)

It’s been a long time since I watched SPN live, but I recently binged all of season 13, and I. am. here. for. it. And also hi, Jared’s hair looks luscious.

Daredevil (October 19)

Tbh, I didn’t even know this was coming this year because I’m out of the loop, but now I’ve watched this teaser a total of 27 times and I’m ready for more Matt Murdoch.

Origin (November 14)

We sat through the Origin panel at SDCC this year, and after I’d finished swooning over Tom Felton, and they showed the first few scenes of the pilot, my mind was blown. It’s a bit scary, a bit sexy, and a lot sci-fi. AKA, I will binge watch it immediately when it drops in November.