Fanfic Wednesday: “Agent B”


Agent B” by irislim

Parings: Elizabeth Bennett/William Darcy
Word Count: 33,073
Warnings: None

Author’s Summary

William Darcy can save the world, banish aliens, usurp empires, and make his mark on history on any average day – but when the attacks hit much closer to home, even he has to admit he needs Lizzie Bennet’s help. (A.K.A. that superhero AU that nobody asked for.)

LBD Whaaaaat!


Thanks to a gene mutation, Darcy, Bingley, Caroline, as well as a couple of other side characters have super powers.  They have formed The Alliance and save the world on a daily basis.  Jane and Lizzy are not carriers of the superhero gene, but they are a part of the Alliance in their own ways.  Jane is the team nurse while Lizzie, or Agent B, is the girl in the chair.

Guy in the Chair

That gif needed to be there despite having nothing to do with the fanfic itself.

While this is not the best Pride and Prejudice fanfic out there, and it is not really that well written, I have to give irislim props for coming up with such an original concept.  I would have never thought to mix superheroes with P&P, but if the author wanted to go back and do a more polished run later on, I think this could turn into a really great fic.

This AU doesn’t even come close to following the P&P storyline, but all of the basics are still there.  Misunderstandings, too much pride, great tension, and a very evil George Wickham.

Happy Reading!
The Nerdling