The Purge Recap – “Take What’s Yours”

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By The Nerdling

Jane and Ryker’s relationship is revealed.  Jenna and Rick reconnect with Lila.  Miguel is tested.

Spoilers commence in 3… 2… 1…

Jane’s past with Ryker takes center stage this week.  Looking back to her final interview with Don Ryker, Jane is easy with a smile and seems comfortable around her soon to be new boss.  As the flashbacks progress, her manor becomes anxious around Ryker.  Judging by his leering stare on her backside as well as his hovering and comments on her lack of smiling, Ryker has been subjecting Jane to some unwanted attention.  Her frustration with the boss man’s unprofessional behavior comes to a head when he has her working on the evening of the office Christmas party as punishment for her lack of interest.

It is pretty clear Jane was passed over for promotion after refusing to return Ryker’s affections.  I’m willing to bet the other woman who didn’t object to Ryker’s just-a-smidge-too-long hug was the one to step over Jane for the bigger office and a pay raise.

The Purge Take Whats Yours Jane and Ryker
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Jane eventually seeks out Bracka, the purge night assassin.  Jane rants her reasoning as to why she needs to purge.  “Save it for your shrink,” Bracka retorts, but it’s clear Jane doesn’t have anyone else to talk to.  She is very much alone in a world where #MeToo supporters were probably slaughtered in the early years of The Purge.

In many ways, the citizens of this new America have relied on Purge Night to be a solution to their problems.  As Alison, the nosey underling points out, everyone has a Purge wish list, which seems like a twisted version of the celebrity free-pass list.  Not everyone in this parallel universe would act on their murderous desires, but after several years of the annual holiday being a way of life, the “right to purge” group think starts to set in with the masses.

Neighbor selling second rate security systems for top dollar?  Purge Night is just around the corner.  Drunk driver does a hit and run on your son?  Prepare the weaponry.  Pervy boss denying you that promotion when you don’t sleep with him?  Break out the assassin rolodex.

Penelope is still on the bus waiting her turn to be sacrificed.  Melissa, Penelope’s friend, is chosen to go next, but she begs not to go after watching her fellow traveler die in such agony.  Good Leader Travis tries to get Melissa to go willingly, but the young girl’s survival instincts have kicked in.  Penelope offers to take Melissa’s place.  Travis tells her Miguel is not close enough yet for this plot to have an emotional payoff.  Well, no.  She tells Penelope she was not the one chosen by God.  Melissa is dragged off the bus by the driver and delivered to two golf club wilding purgers wearing masks of former presidents.  Penelope still believes in what she is doing, but how many more of her fellow worshipers will she watch die before she has a change of heart?

The Purge Take Whats Yours Penelope and Good Leader Travis
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Miguel detours in his search to help a couple of medical volunteers treating the wounded.  The other 364 days of the year, they have non-medical jobs.  On Purge Night, they brush up on their basic first aid and set out to help the helpless as a way to pay tribute to order.  As a thank you for helping, the two volunteers tell Miguel to look for Pete the Cop at a bar.  He knows all the goings on during Purge Night and most likely knows what bus his sister is on.

Miguel gets to experience another new concept of Purge Night not featured in the films.  Reality TV, Purge style!  The Marine is threatened into participating in a live streamed Purge gauntlet sponsored by Otis’s Autorama.  Don’t forget to mention The Purge over the next week to get your 10% off!  I’m wondering if there is more of this type of promotion going on.  Wanna get your brand out there?  Live stream some quality violence for the non-purging masses to enjoy.

The Purge Take Whats Yours Running the Gauntlet
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In the first crossover of the series, the NFFA party goers at the Stanton mansion watch Miguel fight his way through the obstacle course.  It is a decent start, but I’m curious as to how there will be more interactions between the main characters.

After surviving Purge TV, Miguel drives away with his new car (a prize for winning) to find Pete the Cop.  Arriving at the dive bar, Miguel is warned there is to be no discussion of the purge or politics while he is there.  The Marine finds Pete, but the bar owner shrugs him off.

Rick and Jenna are still boring.  And it is pretty evident Jenna is pregnant and knows it.  The two have separate interactions with Lila, the first of many throughout the night, I’m sure.  Rick’s encounter is cold with Lila hinting she would tell her father about their ménage a trois and ruin Rick’s chances at a deal.  Jenna’s is much more awkward at first.  The two women have a difficult time looking one another in the eye, lots of feelings are unspoken.  Lila finds Jenna again, alone by the pool and the two share a few kisses.  This love triangle will not end well with it being Purge Night and all.

The Purge Take Whats Yours New Player
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The episode is bookended by the introduction of a possible new character.  Not much is known about him other than he makes his Purge Night snack with his Jason Voorheesesq mask on and he enjoys a pro-purge motivational podcast while he drives around in an armored car fortified with various weapons.  While driving, he has a tablet up with a woman’s photograph and a drop pin.  What he is going to do with this information is still unknown.  This man could possibly be the reason why all of the main characters have to eventually interact.  How, I’m now sure, but they all need a catalyst to be in one area eventually.

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