Five LOTR Cosplays to Bring You the Light of the Two Trees

by The Collected Mutineer

You may or may not have gathered that the Collectress, Doctor Darling, and yours truly are currently on a Very Nerdy Journey—visiting New Zealand, the visual home of The Lord of the Rings. Though I’ve been a fan of Tolkien since middle school, there is something about seeing the shooting locations firsthand, and being surrounded by such enchanting countryside, that is making me want to live my adolescent dreams of being an ethereal elf or a loyal hobbit. At the very least, that dream is achievable temporarily through cosplay. Here are five of our favorite LORT inspired cosplay looks, in no particular order. Go leave some love for these cosplayers on their Instagram pages!

Sindarin Elf by maidenfayr

Eowyn in Disguise by ylvaissotwoyearsago

Arwen by ari.rubin.official

Frodo by joannalynnbert (photo by GilPhotography)

Galadriel by kessui_cosplay

Do you have a fave LOTR cosplay? Let us know in the comments below!