Preacher Recap – “The Light Above”

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By The Nerdling

Season three finale ends in a hale of eye gouging, head bashing, and badass displays of free will.

Spoilers for why Cassidy needed that umbrella

Nazi in a MAGA hat

Picking up with the bus crash and the looming tank, Sidney and The Saint of Killers make quick work of Hilters followers.  A few get past them, but they are no match for Tulip.  During the fray, Sidney can’t help but openly ponder the likelihood of whether or not The Saint’s wife and child were dead when the crows started to feast on their eyes.  Distracted by the memories, The Saint is run over by the tank and trapped underneath.

The tank fires at Sidney, Eugene, and Tulip.  Time stops for everyone but Tulip.  God has come once again to have a word with her and moves her away from the fight.  God’s big plan does not include Tulip getting killed in a skirmish with modern day Nazis.  Tulip wants to know what he is up to now, but the Almighty responds by blessing the name O’Hare, lifting the curse she dreaded so much.  The catch, he wants her to convince Jesse to quit looking for him.  Tulip tells God what he can do with his blessing.  He warns Tulip Cassidy is in danger.  Not wanting to take a chance on his telling the truth, Tulip leaves to find her friend.

God and Tulip
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The shell flies past Eugene and Sidney.  The tank explodes when The Saint heats up his knife by blowing on it and stabbing it through the fuel tank.  He silences Sidney on the subject of his family by taking her eyes.

The Saint, Sidney, Eugene, and Hitler arrive back in hell.  The Saint is given his guns back and he uses them to put a hole in Satan’s head for his part in his family’s death.  Hitler takes up the mantle of Hell’s ruler.  Eugene follows The Saint to find Jesse Custer, the man who sent him to hell in the first place.

Getting High and Listening to Nickleback for Relaxation

Eccarius decides to see if Cassidy has repented.  With the sunlight inching closer, Cassidy admits he was wrong and wishes to be let go.  The two toast their rekindling with engine coolant.  Cassidy hints he wants more than just squirrel blood to recover from his wounds.  Eccarius asks for a volunteer to be turned and Mrs. Rosen raises her hand.

Les Enfants gather in ceremony as Eccarius notices Mrs. Rosen already has a bite mark on her neck.  She followed through on Cassidy’s request and started calling all of the other vampires Eccarius sent out into the world.  She freed Cassidy and he turned her, Mrs. Rosen then turned the rest of the Enfants.  The newly made vampires strap down Eccarius and devour him for his crimes against his own.

The end of Eccarius
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Tulip calls and Cassidy assures her he is not in danger.  Hoover arrives back at the house and presents Cassidy with an umbrella.  Before Cassidy can question why, the sound of helicopter blades and foundation cracking has Cassidy and Hoover taking cover.  The house is carried away by helicopters leaving the vampires in the basement exposed to the sun.  Cassidy is knocked out with a whale tranquilizer and taken by the Grail to Masada, the Grail fortress, where he is surrounded by all of the Grail’s forces.  After Herr Starr realizes Hoover wasn’t kidding about becoming a vampire, he removes Hoover’s umbrella hat and leaves him to burn in the sun.

The End of Angelville

With Genesis back, Jesse arrives back to Angelville.  He commands TC not to shoot him and challenges Jody to a fair fight the Tombs.  Years of anger and hatred towards the man who murdered his father strengthen Jesse and he eventually wins the fight after bashing Jody’s head into the wall repeatedly.  Jody gets up just long enough to profess is pride in Jesse and drops dead.

Jesse starts to burn the tombs down and tells TC he is free to go.  “I don’t hate you that much,” Jesse explains.  TC chooses to stay with Jody’s body.

Last Day with Gran'ma
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Returning to the main house, the preacher confronts his Gran’ma one last time.  She has her case of souls and Jesse commands her to release both he and Tulip from her clutches.  She does so, shocked at the power of her grandson.  Jesse wants to hook up Gran’ma to her machine and leave her a dried-up husk just as she did his momma, but Marie tells him about her new deal she made in his absence.  If Jesse takes her life, then he is do be doomed to hell.  Jesse refuses to let her win, so he commands her to destroy all of the souls and hooks her up to the machine anyways.

Tulip, having talked to Mrs. Rosen and her grandson who survived the Grail attack, arrives to pick up Jesse and the two go in search of Cassidy.


I will miss Colin Cunningham and Jeremy Childs as TC and Jody.  The two may have been sidetracked for the last few episodes, but they took one note characters and made them favorites of the season.  These two men were sick and twisted, but they loved lil’ Jesse in their own way.  I teared up a bit when TC told Jesse “I go nowhere else to go.”

The end of TC and Jody
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I will also miss Betty Buckley.  She breathes such life into Marie L’Angelle and portrayed her an amazing emotional depth the character in the comics didn’t possess.

Teenage and adult Jesse interacting with one another was ready a great way to bookend the finale.  The preacher has put the past and those memories behind him.

Season three as a whole was the best season of the series so far.  While it may have had one or two episodes that were iffy, for the most part, this season was comprehensive in its storytelling.

If there is a season four, there needs to be at least one Humperdoo clone wandering around in the background like in this episode.

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