Fanfic Wednesday: “A Different Kind of Magic”


by The Collected Mutineer

A Different Kind of Magic” by  (AO3)

Pairings: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Word Count: 17,895

Author’s Summary:

My Thoughts:

Though I’ve lived in many a fandom trashcan, there’s always one pairing that I know will make me feel better—Johnlock. And what’s even better is a convincing and well-rounded crossover. This story takes place in the 1980s London Potterverse, where Sherlock and John are anything but your conventional wizards. Sherlock stands out in particular for the way in which his magic works (similar to synesthesia); he wasn’t even admitted to Hogwarts, and most people in the magical community think he’s a squib. Soon after meeting, John discovers that Sherlock has incredible control of wordless and wandless power, and may be the only person in the world with the capability to break the curse on his leg.

That sounds serious, but in all honesty, this story is 100% fluffy adorableness about seeing each other plainly and the sweetness of falling in love. If you like crossovers, or just Johnlock or Harry Potter in general, give this story a go!