The Collectress Picks: 5 Epic RPDR Lip Syncs

As a connoisseur of the show RuPaul’s Drag Race (read: obsessed fan), I’ve seen every episode at least twice and have a pretty strong opinions about “Lip Sync For Your Life.” With the announcment of All-Stars 4 this week, I thought I’d count down my top five lip syncs over the last ten seasons.

Shea Coulee v. Sasha Velour “So Emotional”

The season nine finale introduced the lip sync battle for the crown, and we all expected Shea and Sasha’s face-off to be fierce af, but no one quite expected for Sasha to come ready to murder the lip sync. Her lip syncs were on point, and her use of props was nothing short of stunning. I won’t say anything else, in case you have seen it, but…mind = blown.

Kenya Michaels v. Latrice Royale “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman”

Children, watch Latrice and learn. When it comes to lip-sycing, no one does it like this queen. This performance always manages to tear me up, mostly because Latrice so obviously connects to Aretha Franklin’s music in a profound way.

Tatianna v. Alyssa Edwards “Shut Up and Drive”

In the second season of “All-Stars”, it was hard for me to pick a favorite between Tatianna and Alyssa Edwards. IMO, both sashayed away in their seasons way too soon, and seeing them face-off against each other to a Rihanna song sent my little heart into palpitations.

Chi Chi DeVayne v. Thorgy Thor “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going”

Chi Chi brought it all to the table, and then some. QUEEN.

Raven v. Jujubee “Dancing On My Own”

Besties Raven and Juju had to lip sync against each other near the end of the first season of “All-Stars.” The power duo obviously were heart broken to do so, and broke all of our hearts as they poured the souls into the lip sync. I’ve yet to make it through this one without getting all emotional, so I’m gonna go drink white wine and like their photos on Instagram.

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