Geek Chic: Nerdy Comfort with LuLaRoe

by The Collected Mutineer

In this day and age, one could argue that comfort is becoming more important to women than in previous decades. The Rise of the Legging and the Empire of Yoga Pants are pretty good proof of that. Can’t afford pricey Lulu Lemon? Not to worry—LuLaRoe is here to save the day. And the best part? They have a nerdy AF collection featuring Disney designs.

Depending on your retailer/consultant (think Mary Kay), you might not have access to every design. But there is so much to choose from that it definitely isn’t a problem. From Mickey-and-Minnie to our favorite villains to the Nightmare Before Christmas, this collection has it all.

LuLaRoe patterns are known for being quite busy, so if that’s not exactly your thing, they have tons of other things to choose from as well. Their other collections may not be nerdy, but they have plain black leggings, adorable dresses that are perfect for work, and even some maxi skirts. And the best part? I’m not joking about the comfort level. Every single piece feels like pajamas.

Finding a retailer is easy. You can use the form on their website to find someone in your area. Alternatively, you can locate groups on Facebook, where consultants often do flash sales or debut new pieces. My retailer is the one and only Jenalyn Truong—check out her page to see what nerdy couture waits for you.

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