10 movies that make me ridiculously emotional

via Giphy
via Giphy
by the Collected Mutineer

When I was a kid, I used to laugh at my mom when she cried during movies. She usually ignored it. But once, she emerged from behind her wad of tissues, looked me in the eyes and said, “This will happen to you one day.”

She was right. Since my teen years, I’ve found a handful of movies that make me ridiculously emotional every time I watch them. Even though I know the ending, I still cry like a baby. I know they will make me sad, but I watch them anyway because they are a part of me. Here are ten of those films. Haven’t seen them? Add them to your list, and then tell me about your experience watching them for the first time. If you don’t cry, then…I don’t think you have a soul. #sorrynotsorry

1.) Homeward Bound

This movie helped define my childhood relationship with my own pets. Shadow’s reunion with his boy still makes me sob.

2.) Coco

I had a feeling this movie would make me emotional, but I didn’t really know what I was in for. This scene, in particular, is the epitome of the film’s message about the power of music and family.

3.) Titanic

I mean, they all get reunited after death. What’s not to make me emotional?

4.) Bambi

This scene has probably messed up generations of children. It certainly scarred me. And by scarred, I mean this helped me understand the danger that humankind poses to the animal kingdom.

5.) It’s a Wonderful Life

“I just wanna live again!” If you’re asking yourselves whether I cry every Christmas because of this movie, the answer is yes.

6.) Call Me By Your Name

I wholeheartedly sobbed in the cinema when I watched this for the first time. I’m currently reading the book, and am prepared to shed tears again.

7.) Seven Pounds

I’ve never cried so hard as when my friend took me to see this movie in 2008. It’s themes of sacrifice, redemption, and love go right to my little emotional heart.

8.) The Lion King

If Mufasa’s death doesn’t make you sad more than 20 years later, do you even have a heart?

9.) Toy Story 3

This film wasn’t made for children, it was made for those of us who grew up watching the Toy Story films. After watching this, I wanted to go home and find all my old children’s toys and cry with them.

10.) Little Women

Beth deserved better.