Preacher Recap – “Hilter”

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By The Nerdling

Herr Starr negotiates for Jesse, Tulip and Lara have to team up, and Cassidy becomes closer to Eccarius.

Spoilers for what Hitler has been up to these last few weeks

Keep Calm and Grinder On

Under the name “David Hilter”, the long dead dictator is working at Maxi Grinders Sandwich shop and is Employee of the Week.  His boss loves him because Hitler covers for him with his wife while he visits his “hot little number.”  While on his breaks, Hitler lectures about the problems the Jews cause to his fellow under-paid and de-valued fast food employees.  He rages in German “a critical situation cannot be fixed by working together except by radical extermination!”  And he gains the support of these people.

But before Hitler can put his “four-year plan” in full action, The Saint comes calling.  With Hitler and Eugene in chains, The Saint makes his journey back to Hell.

Hitler, Eugene, & The Saint
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“You’d think I’d have a tail at least”

Eccarius shows off the brand-new coffin he purchased for Cassidy.  He spared no expense in helping to encourage Cassidy to the “vampire way” of things.  Cassidy balks at first, but after being shown more love and generosity by Eccarius and the rest of the Les Enfants he decides to sleep in the coffin.

There is to be another changing ceremony that evening with Lisa, the woman who met Cassidy for a date, and she wants Cassidy to be the one to turn her.  Again, Cassidy balks at the idea of damning another person after what happened with Denis.  Lisa is not going to be deterred.  She tells the reluctant vampire about Ecarius’s mission.  For the last 50 years, he sends off the newly turned to do “mission work” around the world.  “To change the hearts” of people who hate them and create safe harbors for others like them.

Cassidy is in awe of this fairytale, and a tall tale it is.  Eccarius doesn’t send his “children” out, he eats them to garner the powers he has.  Including poor newly turned Lisa.  After he is done, he leaves to bodies in the sun to burn up outside New Orleans city limits.

Lisa and Eccarius
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Blissfully unaware, Cassidy and Eccarius head out that evening to see if Cassidy has developed new powers.  Hoover and a group of vampire hunting Priests and Nuns crash the party in their attempt to catch Cassidy.  Eccarius turns into a rat to escape the UV lights while Cassidy attacks the Catholic Crew.  Hoover gets away, but not before Cassidy spots him.

Custer’s Three

Herr Starr and his beanie arrive in Angelville to negotiate the use of Jesse.  With the apocalypse looming, Starr needs the preacher now, but Gran’ma refuses to give him up without the souls he owes her.  Starr is willing to pay the debt with the souls stored up at Happy Soul Go Go, a company The Grail owns.  Their storage vault in in Japan and Starr can have an extraction team on their way if Gran’ma gives him Jesse now.  Marie agrees, but assures Starr that she can and will ruin Jesse beyond any use if she is double crossed.  “I’ll tear you in half, suck out your soul, and send you to Hell the way I did your momma,” she promises Jesse after crying and asking him not to leave that night.

Lara, Tulip, and Jody, all dressed as Grail operatives, hop a plane to Japan to break into the Happy Soul Go Go facility.  Before she leaves, Jesse assures Tulip the O’Hare curse will not cause problems for the mission and Tulip asks Jesse to check on Cassidy while he is in New Orleans.

Jody, Tulip, & Lara
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In the car ride to the new Grail Headquarters, Starr requests for Jesse’s word not to betray him when Genesis starts working again and Starr promises to take Jesse to the fraction of his soul. Jesse and Starr arrive at the Grail facility.  First things first, Jesse needs to kill the Allfather, who is waiting when they arrive.


I am so excited for a Lara/Tulip/Jody team up!  I think this trio has the makings for some great comedy for the last couple of episodes of the season.  It would have been great if TC could have gone, but he is not allowed on planes anymore.

TC overhears Lara and Tulip talking about Genesis and asks Marie what it is.  Judging by the look on her face, she knows exactly what it could be and the trouble it spells for her.

I was waiting for the Eccarius shoe to drop.  I do think his affection for Cassidy is genuine.  Eccarius was not lying when he said he was lonely and looking for a friend as evident by the way he goes to snuggle with his new friend after returning from “dropping Lisa off at the airport.”  Oh course, I could be wrong.

Going to bed for the morning
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Starr pretending to be on the phone to keep from talking to TC is just one of the many reasons why I love this character.  Also, his dismissal of Lara as she is trying to give him a tender goodbye.  His cluelessness and awkward manor when someone is trying to show him affection is done so perfectly.

Hitler was caught rather quickly, and that is fine.  We have real Nazi’s running around recruiting people with lies and hate, I’m not up for watching Hitler do the same thing for entertainment purposes.  I do hope the journey to Hell takes up some time in the last three episodes.  Like the trio heading to Japan, I think this Hell-bound group could make for some stellar comedy.

Till Next Week!

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