The Teen Titans Get A Gritty Makeover

I know it’s been a week since Comic Con, but I’m still catching up on all the cool things that dropped at the convention. Today, I caught up on the new Teen Titans buzz, and these kids aren’t the cutesy spandex-clad super-adolescents you might be expecting…

The new series isn’t heading to any regular programming, but rather to the new streaming service DC Universe, and it will premiere this fall. In addition to the atypical provider, the show also promises a darker look at these young heroes, as well as a more diverse one. Robin/Nightwing/Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites), Raven (Teagan Croft), Starfire (Anna Diop), and Beast Boy (Ryan Potter) team up all types of super-evil, but they’re not too concerned with being good and wholesome.

The series is produced by Greg Berlanti  and Geoff Johns, the brains behind Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow.  The tone for the series is darker and more mature, unike its animated companions, and I can’t help but wonder if this new take on the Titans will set apart the show…for all the wrong reasons. Since it’s been sent to a new streaming service (which starts at $7.99/month…if you’re willing to pay for yet another service…), I worry that the enticement of a new Titans series will not be enough to lure in viewers to keep the show alive for more than a season. However, I’ve been wrong before, and if I have the means, I’ll hop aboard and watch this, because Starfire is my girl.

What do you think of the series trailer? Tell me in the comments!