YouTube’s “Origin” showcases first look at SDCC

San Diego Comic Con International

One of my favorite things about San Diego Comic Con is that, inevitably, each year I stumble across a TV series that I had no idea was being released. It had led to many a new fandom for me, including The 100. This year, that show is the YouTube Original series OriginI sat through the panel primarily because the Minnesotan told us that Tom Felton (of Harry Potter fame) would be there. I should have known that I would walk away with the need to get a subscription to YouTube Red.

Origin focuses on a group of people living in the not-so-distant future who have opted to be part of a new program in space settlement. All of them have chosen to leave their lives on Earth behind and make the journey to Thia in order to have a 100% fresh start. But while their transport ship, the Origin, is in the midst of their journey, the travelers wake to realize that the rest of the ship has been abandoned in an emergency evacuation. This group of strangers, thrust together in less than ideal circumstances, must learn to survive and make their way to Thia without a captain or a crew. But are they all who they say they are? What caused the crew to leave their passengers behind in the middle of space? Will they ever make it to Thia? *cue dramatic and creepy music*

From the creative minds who brought us The Crown and starring Tom Felton and Natalia Tena with a diverse cast, Origin premiers this fall on YouTube.

Check out this trailer and let us know what you think.