The Collective Heads To SDCC 2018!

San Diego Comic Con International

The Collective admins are heading to San Diego Comic Con next week! Here’s where you can expect to find us, both in person and online, as the convention goes into full swing.

Online Squees

We will be actively updating our social media throughout the convention, and here’s the best way to follow our coverage:

Parties and Panels

Wednesday, July 18 (Preview Night)

  • The Mutineer and Collectress will be at House of Blues on Wednesday, July 18 from 9-ish to whenever they stumble back to their hotel. The party is free to attend but if you’re a social media influencer, you can RSVP a reservation!

Thursday, July 19

  • Anything Goes with John Barrowman! John’s panel has quickly become our favorite of the convention, so you can find us at the Indigo Ballroom in the Hilton around 2 pmish, and probably afterward in the hotel bar.
  • Wayward Cocktails! One of the Collective crew will be at Wayward Cocktails Thursday evening, so if you see Diva, say hello!

Friday, July 20

  • Find us indulging our guilty pleasure in The Last Sharknado panel at 7 pm. We hear that our favorite queen, Alaska, will be there.

Saturday, July 21

  • The Collectress will definitely be in the Indigo Ballroom on Saturday morning to see the creators of her favorite comedy, The Good Place. She may also make her way into Hall H for the Deadpool presentation on Saturday night.

Sunday, July 22

  • Find Diva in Hall H for the Supernatural panel. Also, be sure to wave hello to Misha as he does his annual run-by of the Hall H line!

We’ve got a lot of stuff on our schedules next week, so we’ll keep our status updated on social media as much as possible!

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