Preacher Recap – “Gonna Hurt”

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By The Nerdling

Tulip looks for ways to free Jesse from Gran’ma while Jesse tries to protect Cassidy from Jody and TC.

Spoilers and possibly TC’s dangle

The O’Hare Curse

Feeling guilty over screwing up Jesse’s plan with the Grail, Tulip speeds her way to the organization’s headquarters in New Orleans only to find Herr Starr and the rest of his group had vacated.  On her return trip to Angelville, she is pulled over by God who is riding a motorcycle with a biker-chick and still in his dog costume.  God pulls off the head of the costume and looks like the fake God “by design”.

He cruelly tells Tulip he was counting on her to screw things up between the Grail and Jesse.  God warns there is a Pass/Fail test coming up for humanity, but Tulip calls shenanigans on Him.  She thinks he is just out screwing around instead of doing his job.  Angry at her questioning of his motives, God becomes larger and starts to glow.  He warns Tulip not to question him further before riding off.  Tulip promises to track him down and kick his ass.

Tulip Confronting God
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Back at Angelville, Tulip rummages through Gran’ma’s room to steal the handkerchief with Jesse’s blood, but she finds a dresser full of them all stained with blood.  Tulip sweet talks TC into explaining Blood Compacts while he is showing her his dangle.  Blood debts can only be dissolved when Miss Marie says so.  TC recalls the story of a husband and wife who tried to buy back her Blood Compact.  “He paid a lotta money for an 89-cent cloth,” but destroying it doesn’t make the debt go away.  The husband found out the hard way destroying the handkerchief kills the person.

Tulip goes to Madam Boyd in hopes of fighting fire with fire, but the Voodoo Priestess set a trap for the girlfriend of Jesse L’Angelle.  The feisty O’Hare attempts to fight her way out and ends up in a stale mate with Madam Boyd.

The Tombs

Stuck with his Gran’ma with no reasonable way out, Jesse goes back to his old ways.  He sets out to various addict’s meetings fishing for new customers for Madam L’Angelle, but it seems as if Madam Boyd has her hooks in the usual places.  Gran’ma warns Jesse if he doesn’t get her a new supply of customers, he is going to have to get the Tombs back up and running.

Jesse has some bigger concerns.  TC and Jody are becoming suspicious when it comes to Cassidy’s miraculous healing capabilities.  The Voodoo practitioners may like their magic, but they don’t appreciate monsters.  Jesse takes Cassidy’s blood bags and reinjures him all while trying to get the vampire to leave, but Cassidy refuses to go without Tulip.

Jesse Confronting Cassidy
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That night, TC catches Cassidy feeding off of a chicken.  Jesse hears the commotion to find TC and Jody stringing Cassidy up by his feet.  They ask if the preacher knew what his friend was, but Jesse feigns ignorance.  In a final attempt to save his best friend’s life, Jesse opens the Tombs.  To a small, but very excited crowd, Jesse plays ring master as Cassidy squares off against the one-eyed teacher in a Voodoo fight club.


While there is definitely a lot of plodding in this week’s episode, it was great to see Tulip front and center.  Seeing her back to kicking ass and asking questions later is a nice change after season two had her as a victim to the Saint and the Grail.  Her humor will be sorely needed to balance how dark this season is going to get.


Cassidy went ahead and asked for the love spell from Gran’ma.  Time will only tell if he will actually use it on Tulip.  He was very upset at Jesse for using Genesis on Tulip to help her sleep making me wonder if he would be willing to violate Tulip’s free will just as Jesse did?

Frankly, I’m hoping the Les Enfants du Sang storyline gets started soon so Cassidy has something else to do other than pine for Tulip.  The love triangle is getting stale.

I think Jesse really meant it when he called Cassidy his best friend.  The preacher seems to willingly sacrifice pieces of himself to save the only two people he loves.  He sacrificed a piece of his soul to save Tulip and Cassidy from the Saint, created a blood compact with his Gran’ma to revive Tulip, and now he has reopened the Tombs (something he abhors greatly) to keep Cassidy from being burned by the sun.

The Tombs
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When searching the parlor, Tulip finds a phone with no keypad or rotary.  When she picks it up a male voice on the other end says “What do you want?”  Next week teases the appearance of the Devil, I’m wondering if the phone connects Madam L’Angelle to the Prince of Darkness.  It would be keeping with the pure evilness of the character.

The flashback which accompanied TC’s story about blood compacts was beautifully done.  It was very reminiscent of old black and white monster movies.

The Huffers Anonymous pamphlet titled GLUE & YOU: Scary Signs of Sniffing… was genius and amazingly detailed.

Hopefully next week we continue to see go-getting Tulip.  We do see the return of the Saint of Killers which is always a big plus.

Till Then!

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