Fanfic Wednesday: “Death and Other Inconveniences”

fanfic wednesday

Death and Other Inconveniences” by asteriae (AO3)

Pairings:  James Potter and Lily Evans
Author Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence
Word Count: 95,115

Author’s Summary:

When James Potter disappeared for ten days in the middle of the spring term of their fifth year, the whole school noticed.
He buried his parents in a quiet ceremony and returned to school amid outrageous rumors.
When Lily Evans disappeared for three days before the Christmas holidays in sixth year, two people noticed.
She found the house packed, a nasty note from her sister, and spent the rest of the holidays sleeping rough.
Both are left grieving and angry at Hogwarts over the summer, with no where else to go and war raging around them.
Really, how else could it have gone?


My Thoughts:

Yes, more Jily and Marauders’ Era!  This is one of the better fics involving Harry Potter’s parents.  I love the teens at Hogwarts party and get into trouble the way teenagers do.  Since this isn’t written for children as the original books were, there is quite a bit of sex talk, underage drinking, and cursing.  It is all fluff, but there is a bonus chapter featuring Lily and James’ first time that is pure smut.

The relationship between James, Sirius, Peter, and Remus feel real.  Peter is still a bit of an outsider in the Marauders, but he is not as unpopular as we all thought he would have been.  James is not some love-sick boy who stalks and badgers Lily.  Remus is bi and there are some minor hints of a crush on Sirius (or maybe that is wishful projecting from me).  Sirius is exactly how you would expect him to be.

Lily is quite the badass all in her own right.  When faced with a fight, she easily holds her own.  She is also bi which is a nice update to her character.  I think most people assume she was more like Hermione, but it is nice to see someone write her closer to Ginny’s personality.  There are also other great female characters featured.  Some are original, some were mentioned in the books.

Order of the Phoenix

The first war with Voldemort builds really well in the background with the teens growing up and dealing with life at Hogwarts.  Occasionally there are bursts of violence which leads to deaths of various characters which you grow to really like throughout the chapters.

While the fic may seem short, only six chapters, each chapter is very long.  The ending is quite satisfying, but it will leave you wishing for more.

– Happy Reading,
The Nerdling