Legion Recap: “Chapter 19”


By The Nerdling

No one knows what its like to feel these feelings like I do, and I blame you!


“My Love is Vengeance”

Singing “Behind Blue Eyes”, David and Farouk face off.  The two men stare each other down as their consciousness battle on the astral plane as samurai, dinosaurs, tanks, and whatnot.  Farouk gets the upper hand as a massive spider, wrapping David in a web.  Just as Farouk is about to make the killing blow, Lenny fires her sniper at the choke (which Farouk didn’t throw as far as he thought).

The tone rings and the two men are powerless.  David picks up a rock to beat Farouk to death when Syd arrives holding the Minotaur head and brandishing a gun.  She confronts David about the images Melanie-Farouk showed her and the secrets he kept from her.  Syd explains Future-Syd wanted him to help Farouk to be the one person to stop David when he becomes evil.

David is shocked and hurt.  He is the hero of this story and is upset his girlfriend doesn’t trust him.  “Maybe I just trust myself more,” she says before pulling the trigger.  Lenny sees Syd about to fire and she shoots just in time for her bullet to smash into Syd’s.  The force knocks Syd and David unconscious.

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While out, David is confronted by his other personalities, Divad and DVD.  Divad challenges David’s notion he is the hero that saves everyone.  He show’s David his delusion is his belief he “is good person” and “deserves to be loved.”  DVD believes David is a God and love is a parasite the others infected him with to keep him down.  The two other personalities convince David to carry out a plan.  David wakes with his powers back.

“Leaving the tenth to swing from a hangman’s rope”

D3 arrives and takes Lenny into custody.  Cary finds Farouk and places the power dampening halo on his head.  The Shadow King will be tried for his crimes.  David wipes Syd’s memories of the last few hours.  Syd, still sensing something is off, wants to spend the night alone.  David creates an astral projection of himself and visits her anyways.  He convinces her to run away with him once the trial for Farouk is over.  The two have sex.  Divad is upset because this is against the plan, but David wants to save his relationship with Syd.

Another projection of David visits Farouk in his cell.  David wants to say good-bye to The Shadow King and promises to kill him if D3 doesn’t.  Farouk knows David is controlling Syd to make her love him and he tells him it doesn’t work.  The Shadow King tried to make David love him by doing the same thing.  David feels only revulsion when he sees Farouk.  “Remember that feeling,” Farouk warns.  “Because soon you will see it in her eyes when she looks at you.”

The Good-Bye
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Cary reviews the footage from the arrest and sees David wiping Syd’s mind.  Farouk’s power dampener malfunctions and he is able to call a mouse into his cell and whisper to it.  The mouse goes to Syd while she sleeps and whispers in her ear.

Dressed in all white, David arrives to the trial.  Clark calls him to the center of the room to talk to him and tells David he needs to grab his notepad and walks away.  David gets suspicious and starts to leave when Cary activates a power containing field around him.  The Vermillion explain David is being contained because of his future crimes.  Syd wants David to undergo treatment for his mental illness with meds and therapy.  David doesn’t want to be a zombie, locked up again like in Clockworks.  The Vermillion tell David it is treatment or death.  Syd then reminds him making her forget her revulsion of him is the same as drugging then raping her.

DVD and Divad tell David to run.  These people only want to destroy him since he is a god.  David breaks out and takes Lenny with him.  “What about blondie?”  Lenny asks.  “There ain’t no blondie no more,” David replies.


I think we can all agree the opening sequence was perfection.  It was like something straight out of a comic book.

Behind Blue Eyes
Image Courtesy of FX Network

Between the opening fight and Syd confronting David, we catch up with Melanie and Oliver in a very Christopher Guest-ish sequence.  It is three years later and the two are living in marital bliss on the groovy astral ice cube.  Their memories of their time on Earth have faded, but they do remember David ended the world after Syd showed him his future.

Interestingly enough, the interview with Melanie and Oliver had a Chapter 10 title card and the Trial had a Chapter 12 title card.  There is no Chapter 11.  Going back and looking at the entire second season, there is no Chapter 7 or 9 title cards either.

While I’m very happy at the idea David is becoming the villain of the story, the whole group jumped on the David is the bad guy wagon so fast I have whiplash.  I’m wondering if season three is going to fill in these missing chapters to leading up to the trial.

There is a big chance the reason everyone at D3 is ready to name David as the baddie is Farouk has control over them.  The Shadow King appears at the trial, in his suit no longer beaten and bruised, and no one but David talks to him.  Possible Chapter 11?

The season was quite uneven and there are many open threads still going in Legion, but overall the season finale was a stellar way to set up an interesting season three.  I, for one, cannot wait!

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