Thespian Thursday: The Covenant (2006)

written by C. Diva

A few years ago (right after The Winter Soldier came out) I became a wee bit obsessed with Sebastian Stan and worked my way through sweet boy’s filmography and TV appearances. Although Seb looks like a douche-y frat boy, he actually has quite a bit of range and can play an abundance of characters with ease. Although I wouldn’t say that this is his best role (that’s a tie between The Winter Soldier, I, Tonya and Political Animals series) this is a fun watch if you’re into twink hotties and the supernatural–which, aren’t we all??

The Covenant (2006) is full of douche-y frat boys types who are the descendants of dude bro warlocks who escaped persecution during the Salem witch trials. Because of course they did. Sebby, blah blah, abs, spikey hair gel, blah. Look, I never said I had discerning taste in movies, and this one isn’t an Emmy winner or anything, but there is a really magical shower/fight scene that makes the entire 99 minutes worth the watch. Enjoy!

This film is currently available on Netflix or to rent/buy on Youtube.

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