Geek Chic: Online Thrifting with Thred Up

via GoodJourney
via GoodJourney
by The Collected Mutineer

If you’re the same type of nerd as I am, you may be familiar with the idea of “bounding” or “closet cosplay.” This type of geek chic is usually a foray into color blocking to give the illusion of a character’s costume, or a thrifting adventure to find similar pieces to something someone wears in a movie, show, comic, or game. While I quite like going thrifting in stores like Savers or Goodwill, I recently discovered an online store that intrigued me.

via Thred Up

Thred Up is a thrifting website that has everything you would expect from a regular second-hand store, as well as Goody Boxes and personal stylists. In addition to doing your own shopping, you can sign up for individual boxes that are filled for you by a stylist who gets to know you through a survey of your preferences. The boxes can be completely customized, or you can choose from various themes like “Tropical Getaway” or “9 to 5 Styles.” The best part? It’s not a subscription, and you don’t have to keep everything in the box. You do pay an initial $10 fee, but afterward you only pay for the items you choose to keep. Love all 15 things? You can try them on and then decide if you want to pay for them, or return them for free. Only like three of them? Then just keep those three.

I’ve just ordered my first box, and I’m excited to see how it goes. Crossing my fingers that I’ll not only receive pieces that I can use in my daily life, but also some things that will work for my closet cosplay fun. Low-key geek chic for the win!

Anyone tried this site before? Let us know your thoughts!