Legion Recap: “Chapter 18”


By The Nerdling

Syd gets a recap of David’s life while everyone arrives in the desert to gear up for an epic finale.


The Life of David Haller

Syd wakes before David after the two hunkered down in a tent during a storm the night before.  Outside the tent Syd finds a massive drain hole complete with a giant stopper.  She goes to inspect when a rabbit on a hook at the end of a line comes flying out.  Syd removes the hook from the rabbit and the hook imbeds itself into her hand and drags her down into the hole.  Thru a maze Syd is faced with Melanie.  Unknown to Syd it is Farouk in Melanie’s body.

David wakes a short while later and looks for Syd.  He stumbles across Oliver inside the Migo Monk’s temple.  Thinking Oliver and Farouk are still working together, David viciously tortures Oliver for information as to what happened to Syd.  David takes him to the near brink of death before he realizes The Shadow King has abandoned Oliver.

Through visions of David’s past, Melanie starts to sow the seeds of doubt inside Syd’s mind.  Showing shared events between the couple, but through a new lens.  She reveals David’s torture Oliver to find her and the joy it brings her man.  One of the visons is of the conversation between Farouk and Future-Syd when he realizes David will be the one who ends humanity.  Syd realizes David is becoming what Farouk calls Legion, the World Killer (not to be confused with the Destroyer of Worlds).  The Shadow King may have been a parasite inside David’s mind making him do terrible things, but David enjoyed being bad.

Syd and Legion
Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and FX Network

Melanie leaves a broken Syd and goes to retrieve Farouk’s body.  Before they fully transfer consciousness, Melanie gives the Minotaur haunting the maze more powers and an order to “kill the weak”.  With a kiss, Farouk is reunited with his body again.

Desert Showdown

Cary and Kerry along with a few D3 troops track Lenny and the weapon they unwittingly gave her to Le Désolé.  The group is quickly ambushed by a group of men wielding weapons that emit an incapacitating sound.  Kerry is the only one able to withstand the noise and takes the men down as more climb out of the drain hole.  One of the men grabs Cary and drags him down.  Kerry tries to fight to get to him and receives help in the form of a rifle touting Lenny.  With all the fighters down, Lenny waits at the drain hole while Kerry jumps down to save Cary.

Inside the maze Cary sees the Minotaur tear apart the man who pulled him down and Cary runs further into the maze.  He reaches one of the ends to find Oliver near death at the feet of a defeated looking David.  He is contemplating all of the ways he wants to kill Farouk and is worried because the violence makes him feel happy.  Kerry finds Syd inside the maze and the two are attacked by the Minotaur.  Syd is anxious to beat on something after all she has seen, but she is no match for the mythical creature.

Cary Oliver and David
Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and FX Network

Clark, more D3 troops, and the Vermillion arrive a few hours later than David anticipated, but they bring the choke as planned.  The choke is a giant pitchfork and when rung can disable all mutants in the area for a few minutes.  Before he can use the weapon, Farouk finds Clark.  With a wave of his hand, all of the humans collapse on the ground.  The Vermillion realize there is no chance of winning the fight and retreat.  Farouk tosses the choke into the abyss and takes in the view of the desert.


Last week it was announced there will be a season three of Legion and after watching this week’s tense episode, I couldn’t be happier.  Especially if the finale doesn’t shy away from the events this season has been building to, David Haller as the villain of the story.

The opening shot for the second to last episode was a near recreation of a very iconic look of the comic book character.  Legion’s hair stands straight up as he sits upon a throne surrounded by bones and an enthralled Lenny at his feet.  This look leads me to hope the next season will follow David Haller’s storyline from the Legacy comics.  Shocked and grieving the death of his father, Legion lets loose all of his personalities and they create havoc.

Legion World Breaker
Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and FX Network

David knows he has possibly lost Syd to the influence of Farouk as a result the personalities in his head could start to come out.  He would have to battle with himself and the other mutants at D3 to keep from ending the world.

Dan Stevens looks like he is thoroughly enjoying playing the manic sides of David.  The darker David becomes, the more fun Stevens seems to have with the character.

It was really nice to see Jean Smart get to be the center of attention once again.  The twisted mother/daughter relationship she and Rachel Keller had during the second season of Fargo was tapped into this week as Melanie tried to guide Syd into a warped sense of feminism.  Farouk probably didn’t need to take over Melanie to get her to convince Syd superpowered men are evil.  The entire conversation between the two women would have actually been more powerful if Farouk wasn’t possessing Melanie.

Next week is the season finale and here is hoping we see more of Legion, the World Killer!

Till Then!

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