#MotivationMonday: Resilience



My early diaries exhibit a dichotomy of humor and heartache. Dramatic sections using very heavy ink now entertain me, but mild amusement is eradicated by fallacious statements that create a severe undertone. Word by word, the past of a young girl is regurgitated—violence, loneliness, and fear blended together in the muck. But truth makes its way to the forefront, revealed in sentences crafted with all capitals. Its command is simple in the breakdown, “Get up.”


In her book Spirit Junkie: A Radical Road to Self-Love and Miracles, Gabrielle Bernstein says we “fear our own greatness.” She likens fear to a virus, cautioning against the dangers of “one tiny, mad idea” that can “separate our mind from love and create a pattern of thinking in which fear always wins” (Bernstein, pgs. 38-29, 30). If your mind autopilots this route, it’s time to construct a new one.


According to Industrial Scripts, one of the most crucial phases of “The Hero’s Journey” is the “All is lost” scenario, when the hero’s defeat appears inevitable. It takes place just before the final act, immersing our beloved protagonist in transformative power. In the company of despair, a light, amid ashes, gems. If you’ve arrived at an “All is lost” phase of life, know that you will soon discover what you already have to overcome it.


Whatever today or this week may bring, be fearless. Name the things that try to beat you down. When they encroach on your pathway, you know what to do…