Legion Recap: “Chapter 17”


By The Nerdling

Oh, hey look!  Melanie is still a part of the show!  And David has only been back for 13 days?!?


“Bring back my Bonnie to me”

Going back to when David first returned, we catch up with Melanie’s drug fueled rants on the controlling methods of superpowered men and the existence of Kerry and Cary.  When Oliver comes to Melanie, she is less than welcoming.  Oliver woos her back using his odd charm and illusions of a younger Melanie to help her remember she was happy to give up her dreams to follow his.

Melanie falls under the influence of Farouk and is so high she doesn’t realize it.  All she sees is Oliver at the same pool where Farouk kept Lenny trapped.  Acting as eyes and ears for Farouk inside D3, Melanie informs Oliver when David has discovered Lenny was resurrected using Amy’s body and when he left for Le Désolé.  On his orders, she clubs Clark over the head as he was going to execute his part in David’s plan.

Melanie under Farouk's Spell
Image Courtesy of FX Network and Marvel Entertainment

“Twice in the Heart”

Cary and Kerry begin to see the plan David placed inside Cary’s head.  They steal a case with a weapon inside from D3 and drive it to a parking lot where there is a neon blue octopus sign.  Cary wants to return to the lab and wait for further instruction.  Kerry wants to have a drink at a restaurant across the street and see what happens to the weapon.

While waiting, Cary comments on the mental state of Melanie.  He feels she is too alone since the second loss of Oliver.  Confused by his metaphors, Kerry doesn’t follow when he tries to explain that he will one day die and leave her all alone.  Kerry proclaims she would stab Death before the entity could take him from her.

The Return of the Corn Flake Queen

Released from D3, Lenny quickly makes her way to her old drug den.  She is welcomed back by her friends and finds a new girlfriend.  High as a kite and in flagrante delicto, Lenny starts to catch glimpses of Amy.  The next morning, Amy is in her room talking to her.  Lenny warns the woman whose body she occupies it is only going to get more depraved and to go into that good night.  But Amy is keen to stay.

Amy and Lenny
Image Courtesy of FX Network and Marvel Entertainment

Amy reminds Lenny she was freed from D3 to help David.  Lenny scoffs this notion off at first, but Amy helps Lenny to see her true feelings for David.  “You love him, like the flower loves the bee.”  Amy disappears and Lenny sees a neon blue octopus sign outside her window.  Lenny walks to the sign and sees the same blue car in her vision of David’s plan.  She gets inside and the car is transported to the desert.

Cary and Kerry run up just as the car disappears.  Kerry is disappointed, but Cary tells her he put a tracking device on the case.  In the desert, Lenny grabs the case with the weapon in it and sees a group of people sitting in a circle with boxes over their heads.


Like last week, this felt like a penultimate episode working towards setting up the big showdown and not moving the plot forward.  There is still one more episode left before the season finale and here is hoping it is not just more framework.

Setting the stage for the finale is necessary and I do appreciate the show going back and revisiting Melanie, but this week’s plot felt cobbled together.  Like Noah Hawley was struggling to put together an episode extra after the show started to air.  Of course, Legion was given an 11th episode after the second season started…

I really enjoy the connection between Cary and Kerry.  Seeing their ever-evolving bond be more at the front this week was a great balance to the toxic relationship between Melanie and Oliver.

Cary and Kerry at the resturant
Image Courtesy of FX Network and Marvel Entertainment

Kerry is still very much a child in this world as evident by her confusion of Cary’s idioms.  Cary’s reminder that he is so much older than her and Kerry’s initiative to take more control gives me an ominous feeling as to the fate of his character.  I just hope the writers are working towards a bigger change in their dynamic and not setting up the death of Cary.

Lenny realizing she loves David is infuriating.  Nothing annoys me more in TV and movies than when a lesbian falls for a man.  Yes, sexuality is fluid, but I love Lenny is an openly gay character and it not her defining (or only) trait.  What I’m really hoping for is that Lenny is not in love with David, but that she loves him in the same sisterly way Amy does.  She wants to help him because Amy is still in there influencing Lenny.

Lenny being in love with David would also be exasperating considering there is already a weird love triangle going on with David, Syd, and Future-Syd.  No need to add more to the pile.

Next week looks as if David will fall down the rabbit hole into sedition.  I am very excited at the idea Legion is might actually be working towards David shifting from “hero” to “villain” for the third season.

Till Then!

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