A third “Bill & Ted” would be most excellent

Bill & Ted

By The Nerdling

Last week a big announcement regarding a cult classic was made.  We are finally getting the third movie in the Bill & Ted franchise titled Bill & Ted: Face the Music.  To make the news even better, Alex Winters and Keanu Reeves will return play the titular characters as well as Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon penning the script.

While I am quite over the trend of rebooting or continuing long dead franchises, especially those which star a group of cis, white dudes, a new Bill & Ted movie feels like it could be a breath of fresh air.  The 1989 indie flick and its 1991 sequel were non-cynical comedies surrounding two dumb, but optimistic teenagers, who form the band Wyld Stallyns.  This band is destined to save the world with the greatest song in the history of the universe.  A song so great it ends all wars and brings all cultures together.  First they have to get the grades to graduate high school or be separated forever.


With the current administration and its most ardent of followers determined to spread hate, xenophobia, and discontent, Bill and Ted’s ideology of “be excellent to each other” is needed now more than ever.  It is difficult to hold of to the idea things can get better when faced with so much animosity.  We need a reminder that optimism, no matter how silly, will be what gets us thru the bad times.  That something as simple as a song, being excellent to each other, or holding on to hope in dark times is what brings us closer to a better world.

All of the details for the third film have not been divulged, but in an interview with collider, Solomon revealed the story will be centered around middle-aged Bill and Ted as well as their teenage daughters, Thea (Bill’s daughter) and Billie (Ted’s daughter).  The foursome must work together to write the song that saves humanity before it is too late.  Solomon also confirmed the film will keep with “the tone, the sweetness, the absurdity” of the first two films and the two daughters will have much of the same personality of their fathers, but probably smarter.


A third Bill & Ted movie has been a passion project for Solomon, Matheson, Winters, and Reeves.  The four men have stated in many interviews over the last ten years how much they would love to revisit these characters, but only if they could maintain the hopefulness of the first two films.  MGM (who owns the Bill & Ted property) has attempted to reboot the series with an all new cast and reflect a more modern way of thinking.  Luckily fans and the previous filmmakers have been resistant to that kind of retread, keeping the door for the writers and stars to keep working on what they call their “fanfiction” spec script.

Do I wish this movie was going to be centered more around a group of diverse people working together to achieve the eutopia seen in the first two Bill & Ted films?  Absolutely!  But for now, I’ll take the two middle age idiot savants and their daughters.  Just remember to “party on, dudes.”

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