Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap – “The Force of Gravity”

Banner by the Collected Mutineer
Banner by the Collected Mutineer
By The Nerdling

Save Coulson, or save the World?

Spoilers for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Infinity War

Hero of His Own Story

After locking up Coulson and May then handing Daisy over to Taryan, Talbot and a few of the Marauders board the Zephyr to take the Quint jet.  Deke and Davis manage to hide before Talbot’s arrival, Agent Kim is not so lucky.  Talbot uses his powers of gravity to fly the jet.  Deke and Davis call back to the Lighthouse to inform Mack and Yo-Yo Talbot has crossed to the dark side.

Talbot’s first stop back on Earth is to see Carl Creel.  Talbot demonstrates his power over the gravitonium and promises to help stop the voices.  Creel trusts his friend and former boss, but one should never bank on someone who dresses like a super villain.  Talbot absorbs Creel to gain more access to the gravitonium in his system.

S.H.I.E.L.D. tracks Talbot to his wife and son, but things have already spiraled out of control.  Clara, forewarned by S.H.I.E.L.D., tries to talk to her husband down.  Talbot, angry she would contradict him in front of their son, George, pins her to a wall.  Mack and Yo-Yo arrive and confront Talbot outside his home.  Graviton does his best Magneto impression by throwing around cars and firing their bullets back at them.  George calls his father a bad guy, flustering Talbot.  He explains he is going to save the world, he just needs more “fuel in his tank” first.  He flies away and tells George to keep watching the news.

Graviton 2
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On his way to finding more gravitonium, Talbot takes Polly and Robin hostage.

“Thought that would shut you up” has become the new “I know”

While Coulson and May are locked away and looking for an escape, Coulson admits his guilt over what Talbot has turned into.  May feels Coulson shouldn’t shoulder the blame and the two manage to find a way to make things right between them.  Deke arrives to break them out and is upset at they lost Daisy.

Quake is busy dealing with Taryan.  She is still on the ship with everyone else, but she is unconscious with a device projecting her psyche to Taryan so he can start to break her as she is transported to him.  Daisy is not easily conquered and breaks free of the device.  She quickly finds Coulson, May, and Deke as they are fighting off a group of Marauders.  The group forms a plan to take out the ship using the missiles Qovas has trained on the Lighthouse in case of escape, but not before Coulson finally gets to kiss May!

The Kiss

Thought that might shut you up

The Beginning of the End?

Coulson, Davis, and a very smug Daisy take the Zephyr back to the Lighthouse.  May and Deke (who knows 0-5 in the Kree language) re-aim the missiles at the Confederate ship and use the teleportation device to get back to the Lighthouse.  All seems like a success until the cut Coulson got on his hand while fighting won’t stop bleeding.  The S.H.I.E.L.D. leader passes out and starts to convulse.

Back at the Lighthouse Fitzsimmons think they have found a way to save Coulson using the Centipede serum and Jiaying’s DNA, they just need a few days to build the compound.  Days they don’t have.  But a combination of the Centipede serum with the Odium could overload Talbot’s heart and stop him for good.  But they only have enough serum to cure Coulson or stop Talbot.


So, as I’m getting this ready to post, the season six renewal of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was announced!!!  I’m so thrilled to see my favorite agents get another season, but most likely it will be the last.  There will only be 13 episodes a return date has not been announced, but this is still really great news!


Back to the crisis at hand…  Who do the agents save?  Coulson or the world?  I’ve got a different theory as to how this all plays out.  I’m thinking all of you have seen Infinity War by this point, right?  Why would you be here if you haven’t’?

I still think Coulson is going to be absorbed by Talbot, but I’m thinking Coulson will do it because he took the Odium.  He puts the pieces together, like Robin said he would, and knows this will save the world.  Talbot is destroyed and Coulson (maybe Creel and Quinn) are expelled by the gravitonium before that point.  Fitzsimmons create the cure in time and save Coulson.

All is well, the loop is broken.  But then the snap happens and May, Daisy, Fitz, and Yo-Yo are turned to ash.  Deke fades into nonexistence.  Coulson goes to find Fury and see the pager signaling Captain Marvel.

Season six becomes Agents of SWORD and is spent looking for Captain Marvel and possibly setting up the Secret Invasion storyline.  If you are unfamiliar with this plot, it sees the Skrulls (alien shapeshifters who are likely the villain of the Captain Marvel movie) slowly take over the world by replacing the world’s superheroes.  Lots of paranoia and is perfect for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. if the Network Overlords bless us with a season seven.

Coulson and Jemma find Enoch and Fitz floating in space so we still have our Fitzsimmons, but different since this is not the Fitz who married Jemma and embraced the Framework version of himself.  I also think the LMD’s are going to make a comeback to keep all of the actors around.

Next week is going to be an emotional roller-coaster as we find out who survives the snap!

Also, I really need to know Davis’s story!

Till Then!

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