Fanfic Wednesday: “Heart Like a Socket”

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by The Collected Mutineer

Heart Like a Socket” by (AO3)

Pairing: Jessica Day/Nick Miller
Word Count: 34,196

Author’s Summary:

Nick and Jess get married, get cozy, and get each other. In that order.

via Giphy

My Thoughts:

Once upon a time, I was a huge fan of the show New Girl. But then I moved to England for school, and my tv-watching got all mixed up and strange and I stopped watching because I hadn’t been happy that Nick and Jess broke up. Sorry, spoilers. Cut to a few weeks ago when the Collectress started rewatching the show, and needless to say I found myself sucked into Nick and Jess’s love story once again. This time, though, I was determined to find out if the writers ever put them back together. Good news—they did. The show is now on its final season, and all signs point to our weirdo lovebirds getting married. Of course, happy endings like that don’t guarantee that I won’t go dumpster diving for fanfiction…which is exactly what happened here.

This story takes place directly after the season 1 episode where Nick finds out he might have cancer or some life-threatening illness. Things quickly go the AU route when Jess decides that the best option is for them to get married so that he’ll have good health insurance. And if you’ve ever read any type of fanfiction EVER, you already know the beautiful and predictable and delicious tropes that are in stories like this. I will read any variation of this couple getting together, and “Heart Like a Socket” is a great place to start.

Join me in this dumpster, won’t you?