Legion Recap: “Chapter 13”


By The Nerdling

The return of Lenny has everyone asking whose body she has.


Brown Blue-Eyed Girl

Heald in an upside-down room (the ceiling looks like a floor and the floor has a bird’s eye view of a city), Lenny hosts three visitors through the course of the episode.  The first on is our favorite, marred interrogator, Clark.  He gets right down to business, taking a sample of Lenny’s blood, asking her if she is the Shadow King, questioning her as to how she come to be.  Lenny is more interested in scoring drugs and playing the victim.

Her gran-gran (who is also her name sake) would get her drunk after school when she was 9 years-old, her father had a pre-teen porn fetish, her mother suffered from depression.  “I’m not a bad person, I’m not” Lenny proclaims.  “There’s bad and there’s really bad… I am not a villain!”

“Whose body is that?” Clark asks and Lenny can’t answer.  She does tell him Farouk knows where his body is and “the end of the world is coming.”

Ptonomy is next.  Lenny throws the memory mutant off balance when she covers her eyes and asks him what color they are.  Ptonomy knows the are brown, but not anymore.  They are an eerie blue.  Realizing the change in eye color comes from the new body she possesses, Ptonomy goes to read her memories.  He sees Lenny’s gran-gran giving her booze as a young girl, but the memory looks distorted.  A newer more disturbing memory starts to come forward, sunflowers on the floor and sprayed with blood.

Ptonomy and Lenny
Image Courtesy of FX Network and Marvel Entertainment

Unable find the thread of the two memories, Ptonomy pushes further and sees Admiral Fukuyama, but he is different.  Inside the basket on his head is the chicken-demon thing.  As he is coming out of the vision, he realizes he has Lenny pressed up against the wall and is choking her.  He lets her go and leaves, visibly disturbed.

Dead Sea Donuts

Farouk and Oliver drive through the desert and arrive at an unmarked grave.  Oliver digs up the coffin and at Farouk’s instruction, takes a piece of the flesh from the rotting corpse.  The flesh is placed inside a machine Oliver and Lenny stole during their trip through D3.  The two “homo superior” men then follow a donut truck through more desert until they arrive at a home guarded by several men.

Throughout their trip Farouk and Oliver seem to take the time to bond.  Oliver has been seemingly happy to go along with whatever Farouk wants, but in the middle of a conversation about death and morality (for the record, Oliver finds the concept of life and death “obscene” because atoms that used to make up life forms are not holding together his car), Oliver calmly vows to kill Farouk.  He knows what the Shadow King’s weakness is and will exploit it when it is least expected.

Third Visitor

Still in the upside-down room, Lenny wakes to find David with her.  He is happy to see his friend and even brings her Twizzlers, but he talks to her with caution.  While questioning her to make sure it is really Lenny, he is looking inside her mind.  He knows she is still working for Farouk, but she claims he put her up to it.  That Farouk sent her to D3 to let them know he found his body, but that’s all the intel she has.  Farouk only let her and Oliver see what he wanted them to see.

David and Lenny
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David starts to look deeper into her mind and realizes there is a memory of him and his sister in Lenny’s mind.  He asks how she came to be and Lenny says that she doesn’t know.  She woke up in the desert, naked and alone.

Statue in the Stone

Initially we are lead to believe the Farouk and Oliver road trip is happening in the present while Lenny is at D3, but as Lenny explains where she woke up, the horror of how she came to be is realized.  The road trip actually happened before Lenny arrived.  The body Oliver unearthed was not Farouk’s, but Lenny’s.  The donut truck they followed belonged to the husband of Amy Haller.

Under the protection of D3, Amy and her husband have been housed somewhere in the middle of the desert.  Something is off with Amy.  She talks about strange dreams where she has a mustache and a musical voice.  A feeling of dread washes over her husband before an unnerving silence falls.  The husband is turned to ash when he goes to check the front door and Oliver appears in the kitchen with the device containing Lenny’s DNA.  He places her on the table and uses the device transform Amy into Lenny.

David sees all of this inside Lenny’s mind and realizes his friend is a grizzly message to him.  What truce they had is done and David wants revenge.


I know I have already said it before, but I’m saying it again.  Someone get Aubrey Plaza a damn Emmy already!

Oliver’s dead-eyed look as he is transforming Amy into Lenny is chilling.

New Lenny
Image Courtesy of FX Network and Marvel Entertainment

It is unclear if Amy is completely erased.  Vestiges of her memories inside Lenny seem to point to the two of them possibly sharing a consciousness.  Also, it is strange Amy is having dreams of being one of the Vermillion.  What connection does she have to the Admiral?

Ptonomy’s vision of Fukuyama is disturbing, but is there any real meaning there?  Was the vision imbedded by Farouk to plant a seed of doubt in Ptonomy?  Or a real vision as to what the Admiral really might be?

It is also curious that for the first time Legion has done a flashback to previous events before the start of the episode.  But instead of the standard of “Previously on”, John Hamm says “Apparently on”, implying everything we have seen so far might not be real.  It also makes me wonder if there is more going on in “Chapter 13” than we realize.

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