Legion Recap: “Chapter 11” & “Chapter 12”


By The Nerdling

David dives deep into the minds of his friends in the wake of the Monk’s infection spreading.

We are entering the Maze of Spoilers…

Breathing is a favorite past time of mine…

I apologize for missing last week’s recap.  I had to go to the ER because I couldn’t breathe (bronchitis is not fun, guys), thus setting me several days behind in my work.  For those of you who have not experienced bronchospasms, I do not recommend it.  Breathing is a wonderful thing.

This week’s recap will be a little longer since it combines episodes 3 and 4, which works out perfect since they are two sides of the same story Legion is diving into.  Deeper character stories!  And I have to say, last week and this week’s episodes may be the strongest the series has produced to date.

Exit This Way

After a flashback of Farouk’s body being taken in by the monks after his defeat on the astral plane, things pick back up in the present.  Cary is teaching Kerry how to use the bathroom and feed herself.  The infection-slimy-chicken-demon-thing slides its way into Ptonomy’s ear as he sleeps.  The last Mi-Go Monk wakes and escapes containment.  D3 goes into locked down.

Lenny begging David
Image Courtesy of FX Network and Marvel Entertainment

David needs answers about the Monk and the contagion and the best person is Farouk.  The men have a pool side chat in the astral plane with Lenny in the background looking to make her escape and pleading for help.  She begs David for drugs, a way out, and finally help in killing herself to escape the beautiful prison of the Shadow King’s mind.  Oliver is curiously missing.

Farouk looks to convince David he has no desire for any of the “supervillain, destroy-the-world-bulls-t”.  All he wants is the quiet life in the South of France.  David doesn’t look too convinced.  Then the conversation turns to David’s father.  Farouk was merely a king ruling over his people who loved him when a white man, unfamiliar with the culture and customs of this world, wanted to play the hero by banishing what was thought to be a threat.  Charles Xavier made Farouk a “refugee”.

Eventually, Farouk zeros in on David’s real concern, the Future Syd.  Helping Farouk and following her advice would cause the other version of David’s love to no longer exist.  This thought seems to horrify David.  Losing any version of his love is unthinkable, but he must reconcile this fact if he is to help prevent the apocalyptic Future Syd has shown him.

Long Drop and A Short Stop

Upon his return to D3, David finds the Monk has infected most everyone at the facility.  And there is a cow wondering around.  David finds Cary uninfected and together they stumble upon the teeth-chattering Ptomomy and Melanie.  David uses his ET-light-up-finger to rescue the two from the maze of their deepest desires.  Ptomomy having wished to live in the moment unencumbered by his own or other people’s memories, and Melanie, who’s life seems spiraling out of control, yearning to dominate her surroundings.

David, Ptomomy, and Melanie (Cary is off dealing with an infected Kerry) find the Monk in Admiral Fukuyama’s chambers demanding a weapon to destroy Farouk.  Melanie volunteers David, but the Monk knows he will not be of help.  David teleports himself and the Monk to the roof before the Monk can out David as an ally of Farouk.  He needs the Monk to understand a future version of his girlfriend told him destroying The Shadow King will mean the end of the world.  The Monk argues giving Farouk is body back will do the same thing.  Before David can get more information as to where Farouk’s body is hidden, the Monk jumps off the roof.

David turns away from the gruesome sight to find a teeth-chattering Syd.  He hops inside her mind where Syd is inside an igloo during a snow storm.

David Going inside Syd's mind
Image Courtesy of FX Network and Marvel Entertainment

Stronger in the Broken Places

Within Syd’s mind, David witnesses her birth, and her mother’s fruitless efforts to comfort and bond with young Syd.  More memories reveal a teenage Syd observing a couple making out as if they are a museum piece, playing dress up with her mother’s friend’s jackets to try on personalities, using her powers to body swap in a punk club mosh pit.

David joins adult Syd in the museum (the central hub in her mind) to explain he is here to help understand her deepest desire.  Unknown to David, the death of the Monk has freed everyone from their infection and “300 angry people who all need to use the bathroom at the same time” are at D3.  This maze was made by Syd for David to understand her better and she is not going to make it easy on him.

With each run of the maze, Syd reveals a new memory to him.  Severe bullying at the hands of other children, a boy cornering her for a kiss, the first time she malevolently uses her powers to punish the boy and a group of mean girls.  David seems to think she is showing the worst parts of herself to him in order to push him away, but he is wrong.  She puts him through the maze again and again until she finally shows him her body switch with her mother to experience sex with her mother’s boyfriend.

Syd had revealed this information to David some time back, but it is one thing to hear about your love’s first sexual encounter.  It is something else to witness it first-hand.  David finally understands whey she has been showing him these moments.  It is those traumas, regrets, and mistakes which have made her a fighter.  “Love isn’t gonna save us,” Syd tells him.  “It’s what we have to save.”  To salvage the future, Syd needs David to embrace all of the pain which has made him what he is and use it.  To be “strong at the broken places.”

Inside the Igloo
Image Courtesy of FX Network and Marvel Entertainment

Satisfied he understands, Syd and David wake in D3 with Melanie, Ptomomy, Cary, and Kerry waiting.  No time for a happy reunion just yet as the alarm sounds.  Lenny, the real Lenny, is alive and has been taken into custody by D3.


Syd has been one of the more fascinating characters on the show from the start, but it has not escaped mine, or others, notice she was underdeveloped in the first season.  Legion giving this character an entire episode so we and David can fully understand her is a great course correction.  Everything from the visuals to the music was perfection.

Now the writers need to do the same thing for Melanie.  She is another really intriguing character who hasn’t been given enough development and really has gotten the shaft in season two.  Jean Smart is a phenomenal actress, please give her some better material!

Speaking of phenomenal actresses, how amazing was Lily Rabe as Syd’s mother?  In a nearly dialogue free role, the actress conveyed so much heartache and love for a daughter who cannot be physically touched.

Now that Lenny is back in her old form, what do you think this means for Farouk?  Did he willingly let her go, or did she escape?  Does this mean Oliver is willingly staying with Farouk?  This minor reveal causes to many questions!

After a kind of slow start, I feel like the show has started to ramp up as to the big plot for the season.

Till Next Week!

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