Thespian Thursday: The Warriors (1979)

Written by C. Diva

There are a lot of older films that I have only watched because my husband has unique taste in movies, and this is one of them. The Warriors presents this strange, dystopic version of New York City, in which gangs rule the streets and no “normies” seem to take notice or interact with this darker side of the Big Apple. This film happened to be on television this past weekend, and I sat watching a good deal of the movie with the hubs, half in horror at the politically incorrectness of it all and half in awe of the eerie theme and feel of the film that almost reminds me of a Stanley Kubrick knockoff. Think Clockwork Orange set in America with none of the deeper meanings yet all of the violence and cheesy dialogue.

Now, you know me–feminist, equal rights activist extraordinaire–well, this movie definitely has it’s sexist, racist, and homophobic cringe-worthy moments. Still, if you’re a film connoisseur, it is an experimental cult classic that is worth the watch if you’ve got time and an open mind.