Fanfic Wednesday: “The Sign of Three”

fanfic wednesday

written by  C.Diva

“The Sign of Three” by Emungere

Relationship: Sherlock Holmes & John Watson

Word Count: 3,490

Tags: Kid Fic

Author’s Summary

Mycroft takes his little brother to the park, where they meet John and pretend to be pirates. Story manages to be slightly depressing anyway. Sorry about that.

My Thoughts

On a Hannigram binge, I discovered Emungere had also penned this lovely Sherlockian kid fic and while that trope isn’t usually my cup of tea, I adore this author and trust them with my ships and thus, dove right in.

The most important part of this story, for me, is Mycroft’s character development and his love for his little brother. In the books, films and t.v. show, Mycroft is somewhat shady and well connected to government agencies. He is also a doting eldest brother and someone who undoubtedly watched out for young, awkward Sherlock and continues to do so into adulthood.

Be warned for a minor character death and loads of Watson feels.