A little Matt & Dan to brighten up your day

Image Courtesy of Matt & Dan YouTube Channel
Please Donate
Image Courtesy of Matt & Dan YouTube Channel
By The Nerdling

Matt & Dan is the web sketch comedy series you need to be watching right now.  Matt Wilkas (Gayby) and Daniel Vincent Gordh (The Lizzy Bennet Diaries) write and star in the absurd and hilarious shorts tackling various subjects such as ordering pizza for a group, critiquing a new sex partner, and Kickstarter movie donations.

The two LGBTQ creators set out to put more content out that just happen to feature two gay men in an attempt to showcase comedy doesn’t have to be put in a box.  Gay, straight, doesn’t matter as long as it is funny and relevant.

Matt & Dan
Image Courtesy of Matt & Dan YouTube Channel

“Pizza Math” might be the most relatable video here for me.  Going out with friends, there is always those two or three people who are on a special diet or has strange allergies and it feels like a chart is needed in order to find a place we can all eat at.  Once a place is agreed upon, one person inevitably throws a monkey wrench in that plan.  Fans of The Lizzy Bennet Diaries will also get a big kick out of one of the guest stars.

“Please Donate” had me in tears and the ending twist nearly sent me over the edge.  Having run open houses for my realtor parents on more than one occasion, “Open House” was both horrifying and hysterical for me to watch.

Not every sketch is LGBTQ themed, but not every episode needs that element.  In the end, it is all about brightening up people’s day.  Just beware, it is NSFW.

Matt & Dan season one is going on right now with new episodes dropping every Wednesday.

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