Legion Recap: “Chapter 10”


By The Nerdling

Red is Green and that means Go.

Reality Might not be Real, But the Spoilers are…

“Are you familiar with the term collusion”

The shaky partnership formed between Farouk and David to find the Shadow King’s body did not get off to a great start.  David made a deal to lead his people on a wild goose chase while Oliver and Lenny infiltrate D3.  But only if none of his friends gets hurt.  The duo didn’t hurt his friends, just turned several D3 agents into dust and one into a pig as well as frightened several kids.  The diversion set up didn’t leave David’s friends unscathed.  Farouk left a jewelry box which belonged to a young Sid.  Seeing something from her childhood was very upsetting, but we have yet to know why.

While at D3, Oliver and Lenny worked some odd mojo on Cary and Kerry, reversing their relationship.  Kerry now absorbs Cary and he is stuck inside.  The warrior doesn’t know how to deal with this new dynamic and is struggling with being the one to have to make decisions for the two.  They eventually separate from one another using a powerful shared memory.  The two decide to remain separate for now, especially after the effort to expel Cary has started to turn Kerry’s hair white.

Cary and Kerry finally split
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Admiral Fukyama and Clark on separate occasions question David’s loyalties after Oliver and Lenny disappear from D3.  David feigns ignorance, but it is clear Fukyama and Clark don’t believe him.  Fukyama explains Oliver and Lenny were looking for a monk of the nearly extinct Migo Order.  The monks were the ones to hide Farouk’s body after his defeat and were nearly wiped out by The Miser Sunday(?).  The surviving monk is same figure who appeared at the end of the premiere with David, Oliver, and Lenny in the club.

“Bigger Than Jesus”

Tired of talking to lackies, David reaches or to Farouk himself in the astral plane.  Farouk is unconcerned with David’s anger over some mortal’s death.  The Shadow King sees himself and David as gods, creators of reality.  The two reach a tenuous agreement, but only after a mental battle in which David proves his power.  Farouk will not kill anyone else, and David will look for the lone monk hiding in D3.

After David leaves, Lenny comes to Farouk asking for a favor.  The real Lenny, the one we met in the series premiere, is still stuck inside The Shadow King’s consciousness and she wants out.  She asks he build her a new body since hers was destroyed so she may live out her life and eventually die.

It is fascinating this character we barely know, but in a way is significant, is still around.  That the Lenny we were seeing in David’s mind during the first episodes of last season was the same person from the hospital, just working for the Shadow King.  At the time those episodes aired, we all assumed it was a version of Lenny.  After the Farouk reveal, it recolored those conversations.  Now again, those conversations take a different shape.  This show continuously messes with my head.

Lenny and Farouk
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Something worse on the horizon

Hopeful the strawberry-flavored goo can help provide answers, David goes to Kerry/Cary (before the split) with a theory.  If they can tap into the right frequency, maybe the substance can send David to the future and get a head of Farouk.  Of course, that is not what David wants to see.  He is hoping to find the future Sid and get more answers about working with Farouk.

David finds future Sid and this time she is able to speak.  She needs David to help Farouk because something worse is coming and it will annihilate the majority of the population.  In about a week, David will bash Farouk’s head in and the future depends on that not happening.  When David asks if he is dead in the future, Sid answers that “it’s complicated.”  Does anyone else get the feeling the something worse is David and Farouk is needed to stop him?  Her remarks about missing “seeing him like this” makes me think so.

Finding the current Sid on the roof, David confesses everything to her.  He needs reassurance he is doing the right thing from the one person he trusts.  Especially after Melanie’s advice to him is to take Sid and run.  “The world will be just fine,” she assures him.  Sid agrees David should follow what her future self says and offers to help find the monk inside D3.


Sid is helpful for now, but I feel like David not telling the truth about the raid on D3 will create an even bigger riff between the two.

Sid and David on the Roof
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While looking at the orb that transported David away, Cary muses it could have been created by the Shi’ar.  For comic book fans, that is a big Easter Egg.  The alien race is one of the big empires outside of Earth along with the Skrull and Kree.  Here is hoping that was more than a name drop and we get to see some Shi’ar in the future.

Jon Hamm returns again to continue his narration of the ongoing theme for this season.  What is reality?  This week is a lesson on how human’s reality is shaped by those around us.  If someone teaches us red and green and vice versa, how are we to know they lying to us?  That they are not leading us into oncoming traffic?  I imagine this is Legion’s way of telling us not to trust what is being told to us/David.

Next week sees Ptolomy get infected by the chicken-tar monster from last week’s lesson in reality and hopefully we learn more about the Migo Order.

Till Then!

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