Fanfic Wednesday: 3 “Call Me By Your Name” fics


written by The Collected Mutineer

A little while ago, I fell in love with the story of Elio and Oliver, thanks to the film adaptation of Call Me By Your Name (beautifully reviewed by the Collectress here). Shortly after, I bought the book, which eventually and inevitably led to fanfiction. If, like me, you wished for a happier ending (or just more time in this love story) then here are some stories you should read.

1) “make me know myself” by  (AO3)

Pairings: Elio/Oliver
Word Count: 13,206

Author’s Summary

When I had finished up my graduate studies in music and turned 22, I had decided to go on a backpacking trip around Bergamo. In truth, it had been my boyfriend, David’s idea – but we had broken up before graduation when it turned out our ideas for the future didn’t line up at all, and I had decided to take the trip on my own.

Elio goes on a hiking trip to find himself, and instead, he finds Oliver.

2) “Americano” by  (AO3)

Pairings: Elio/Oliver
Word Count: 8,538

Author’s Summary

Elio and Oliver are reunited a few years after that summer. Can be read as a sequel to Crossroads, though not necessarily. Just one of many possibilities.

3) “Toujours la Même” by  (AO3)

Pairings: Elio/Oliver
Word Count: 8,103

Author’s Summary

Oliver got married on a balmy spring morning three days after he learned Elio was coming to school in New York. Professor Perlman had added an aside in his letter of congratulations – By the way, Elio will be at Julliard this fall.