Fanfic Wednesday: “Civil War: Remix” & “Why You Must Never Leave Drunk Avengers Unattended”

fanfic wednesday

By The Nerdling

Civil War: Remix” by vaqabond & “Why You Must Never Leave Drunk Avengers Unattended” by asteriae

Pairings: None & None
Word Count: 1,051 & 1,177
Warnings: None & None

AoU Blooper


Author’s Summary

Tony challenges Steve to the whitest rap battle of history. Peter, Sam, and Bucky watch in horror.

Team dinners became a Thing after the Battle of New York. Team movie nights, poker nights and bowling nights soon followed. Steve wasn’t exactly sure who first suggested Team Drink-Each-Other-Under-The-Table night, but he had his suspicions it was Clint.
Or Tony.
Probably Tony.

 Tony Smirking 

My Thoughts

With Avengers: Infinity War right around the corner, posed to break our collective Marvel-loving hearts, I wanted to share some silly Avengers fan fic for us to look back on between crying jags when our favorite character(s) are killed off.  I decided to feature two since both stories are relatively short.

Really, I just love the idea of the Avengers, Steve especially, being goofy when they don’t have to save the world.  There seriously has to be some epic shenanigans going on at the compound, right?  Poor Steve is probably at the butt of many.  You know Natasha is the prank queen.

The two stories aren’t great (Remix is particularly cringe worthy with the rapping), but they do work in giving me a nice little chuckle.  Both also pretend Captain America: Civil War didn’t happen either.  Which is also very nice.  I don’t like seeing my babies arguing with one another.