Thespian Thursday: Saving Face


There was a time in my life when traditional rom-coms seemed empty and vapid, and I turned to indie LGBTQ+ films to fill the void. Okay, I still do. There’s just something about the earnestness and realness that comes with the subculture that appeals to me. Also, the stories always resonate with me more than traditional rom-coms, and gee, sometimes I wonder why I didn’t figure myself out sooner. Anyway this week’s pic is a cute little film called Saving Face, starring Joan Chen, Michelle Krusiec, and Lynn Chen.


Saving Face follows the story of Chinese American surgeon Wilhelmina “Wil” Pang (Michelle Krusiec), who tries desperately to fit into the plan that her family has for her. However, when she meets Vivian, a ballet dancer, (Lynn Chen), her life begins to change. Add in Wil’s unwed mother’s unplanned pregnancy, and the film quickly becomes one of those indie dysfunctional family films that I’m so very fond of!

This film is all about navigating a family with high expectations while staying true to who you are. It’s also a love story: Krusiec and Chen’s chemistry is undeniable, and their scenes together light up the screen and melt my little queer heart. Every time I watch this film, I fall in love with them just a little bit more. I highly recommend this one if you like indie queer romcoms with a heavy dosing of family feels.

Saving Face is available to rent on Amazon Video.